Ghostbed Mattress Review

Ghostbed Mattress Review

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If you’ve ever been shopping for a mattress, you’ll know that the decision can be very difficult to make.

After all, to the untrained eye, most of these mattresses will look the exact same, so how do you make the decision?

Well, one way would be to extensively test every mattress you come across and become an expert.

If that sounds not all that interesting, and quite time consuming, we don’t blame you.

Another way would be to simply listen to what our experts had to say about it.

We’ll provide you with excellent, bias-free reviews of mattresses from all across the globe, and in all different price ranges.

Today we’ll be looking at the Ghostbed mattress.

Ghostbed is a company which is trying to eliminate the indecisiveness in mattress shopping.

This is why they offer only 2 mattresses, the Ghostbed, and Ghostbed Luxe.

Both of these have received very high praise, but how do they really stack up against the competition?

We’ll be looking at every factor that could affect how happy you are with the mattress. Ranging from sturdiness and motion isolation, to sex quality and noise.

Our testers have also checked exactly how good the support of the mattress is for various sleeping positions and weights.

 2 Minute Summary


First of all, a mistake many people make is not letting the mattress decompress before using it.

Setup is very simple, so it isn’t much of a negative, but it is something to keep in mind.

While the Ghostbed isn’t based on TEMPUR like most hybrid mattresses, it does use both latex and memory foam, making it a hybrid mattress at least in name.

This means it will try to offer you the best of both worlds.

The firmness and comfort of a memory foam mattress, combined with the bounciness of one made with inner springs.

Hybrid mattresses are tricky to get right, fortunately, Ghostbed has poured all of their resources into this one mattress, making it an incredible example of sleep related technology.

The company has even thought as far as to put the latex above the foam so that the sleeper has a more cool sleeping experience.

If there were a single word to describe the Ghostbed mattress, it would be “polished.”

This is because every facet of this mattress has been looked at closely by professionals, and determined to be excellent.

Even the off-gassing is put to a minimum.

To wrap that whole package up, the price is relatively low, so you can get an extremely high quality mattress for an affordable price.

Parameters Testing



The sturdiness of this mattress is excellent.


The company gives a 101 day free trial, combined with a convenient return policy purely due to their confidence in the mattresses quality make.

They think that not only will you find it excellent, but you’ll be unable to damage it even if you use it intensely for those days.

You can easily see how much effort was put into this mattress, everything’s hard to damage.

There’s little to no long term deformation, and if you take care of it well, it’s quite likely that this will be the only mattress you’ll ever need to buy.

With that being said, it’s obviously not indestructible, so do follow the instructions it comes with.


Motion Isolation

The motion isolation of this mattress is quite good.

It offers much more motion isolation than, say, your average inner spring bed, or even one of the higher-quality models.

Motion Isolation

It doesn’t quite compare to memory foam mattresses though.

Which is to be expected, as a hybrid mattress can’t quite have both all the pros and none of the cons of its components.

Ghostbed has chosen to sacrifice a small amount of motion isolation for an all in all better sleep and sex experience.

With that being said, the motion isolation isn’t bad in any way. You’ll find that it easily passes the wineglass test.

The wineglass test is when you put a glass of wine on one side of the mattress, and sit on the other.

If the glass stays upright, then the motion isolation is good.


Edge Support

Edge support for most memory foam mattresses is extremely sub-par. Luckily, the Ghostbed doesn’t follow in their footsteps.

Many memory foam mattresses have almost unfixable issues with edge support, and some of them will start sinking with less than a week of use.

Edge Support

If you’re unfamiliar with edge support, it is essentially how well the edges of the mattress can support you, or whatever else you put on them.

It also affects how much the mattress will “cave” around the edges.

Obviously, a mattress sinking and caving is a negative.

While edge support isn’t the most important criteria, it’s still quite nice to have, and the Ghostbed definitely comes ahead most of its competition in that regard.


Sex Quality

We’re heavy proponents of the judgement that hybrid mattresses are by far the best for sex.

It is seldom noticed, but sex quality can be affected quite a lot by the mattress.

After all, you can’t enjoy your partner fully if the firmness of the mattress is making you feel like you’re lying on the floor.

In the same vein, you can’t have the best sex if you’re bouncing up and down three feet into the air.

This is the distinct contrast between memory foam, and inner spring mattresses.

Inner spring mattresses can sometimes make you bounce an uncomfortable amount, while memory foam ones can get a bit too firm.

The Ghostbed presents the ideal mix between these two, offering a decent degree of firmness, but also the necessary bounce to make sex even more fun than it already is.



Noise levels are that thing that you really don’t notice…until you really start noticing it.

If you’ve ever had sex on a creaky, loud bed, then you know what we’re talking about here.

Noise levels can absolutely make or break the performance of a mattress.

The Ghostbed is just about as loud as its namesake.

There are no springs, or active components in the bed, making it essentially soundless. Well, at least the normal model is like that. 

You can also get an extra set of springs for $200 if you so desire, and these will provide more comfort.

With that being said, those springs will eventually get creaky, so if you mind your mattress being loud, we would recommend either switching them out every few years, or simply not getting this attachment.


Off Gassing

This is an area the Ghostbed mattress excels in, the off-gassing and motion isolation of this mattress are unparalleled.

Off-gassing is the chemical residue which is leftover from mattress production.

It is extremely common in other hybrid mattresses, however, the Ghostbed, due to not using the traditional, TEMPUR hybrid model, managed to avoid these issues.

This is also partly due to the companies care for the environment, Ghostbed has shown that they care about the environment to a large degree, this is because off-gassing generally harms the environment, due to the chemical residue being quite harmful to nature.

If you’ve got a sensitive nose, or maybe a few allergies, then off-gassing can be quite a problem.

On the other hand, you might not have those issues, but simply want to support companies that are putting eco-friendliness first and profits second.

In either of these cases, you’ll be extremely satisfied with the Ghostbed.


Temperature Maintenance

Temperature maintenance is an often underestimated part of evaluating the quality of a mattress.

It’s easy to neglect the importance of keeping a steady, cool temperature to one’s sleep, at least until the summer months roll around and we all start flipping our pillows to the “cold side.”

The Ghostbed aims to solve this issue, by using an innovative, energy-efficient approach.

The latex material they use in conjunction with memory foam is much better at maintaining heat than standard memory foam materials.

By putting it on the outside of the mattress, they’ve effectively made the whole mattress be the “cold side.”

This is one of the best approaches to take, as it is not only effective, but also extremely ecologically friendly.

The opposite is also true, if the winter months are getting colder, the latex will help you warm up a bit.



The comfort side of things is by far the biggest pro of the Ghostbed.


Every inch of this bed has been designed for your ultimate comfort, and it shows.

The mattress provides the ultimate mix between softness and firmness.

Some customers have described the feeling of lying in the Ghostbed as “cloud-like” and “enveloping” because the bed lets you sink in a bit to offer the best support.

If you’ve got issues with back, neck, or hip pain, then this is the mattress for you.

This is because the Ghostbed contours around the sleeper, and gives support to all of the most sensitive areas.

This makes it an excellent pick for the elderly or for those that do a lot of sports in their free(or professional) time.


Sleeping Positions

The Ghostbed mattress is ideal for back and stomach sleepers.

It will offer a lot of support to your hips, back, and neck this way, while still providing premium comfort which is seldom found elsewhere.

Being a bit on the firm side, the mattress offers support superior to most of its competitors, and you’ll find that for sleeping on your back or belly, it’s pretty much ideal.

With that being said, its performance for side sleepers isn’t bad either.

While some of our testers have found it a bit firm, that’s a matter of personal preference.

All in all, if you’re a back, stomach, or firm side sleeper, we’d wholeheartedly recommend this mattress for your needs.


Weight Support

The Ghostbed is one of the most balanced beds out there when it comes to supporting different weights.

Neither heavyweight not lightweight sleepers will be disappointed by this mattress.

You’ll find that it doesn’t cave as much as your average mattress if you’re a bit on the heavier side.

Especially for a hybrid mattress, it’s elasticity is commendable.

For lightweight sleepers, you’ll find that the comfort levels far exceed most mattresses you’ve tried.

All in all, due to the fact the Ghostbed is the companies only mattress, they went above and beyond the call of duty to provide an impeccable experience.

Ghostbed Mattress Review Summary

What We Love About

  • Great value for your money
  • Universally good regardless of which position you sleep in
  • Little to no off-gassing
  • Decent Motion isolation
  • Ghostbed offers a 101 day trial for the mattress

What made us sad

  • Requires some setup to start using it, needs to decompress
  • Some side sleepers found it to be a tad on the firm side


In the end, the Ghostbed has proven itself to be an extremely high quality budget mattress. While it might not be quite as good as its higher-budget counterparts, it also costs as little as half what a significantly better mattress might cost. Its eco-friendliness and 101 day free trial only serve to cement the Ghostbed as one of the best budget mattresses on the market today.

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Where Should I Get It

Getting the Ghostbed mattress won’t be too difficult, or costly. It’s impressive that a mattress of such a high quality is actually commanding the low price of $750 for a queen size bed.

You’ll be able to find the mattress on Ghostbed’s official site, as well as affiliate sites like Amazon with ease.

It’s also available on particular vendor sites like BEAR mattresses which makes getting your own Ghostbed mattress today even easier.

These are a much better option than physical stores, as they never run out of stock, and have many more offers available.

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