Bear Mattress Review

Bear Mattress Review

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Recently, there has been a constant fragmentation of the mattress and bed market. It is being divided into smaller and smaller groups. Each of these groups has their own companies which track the desires of its customers. Tracking the market changes is the key to success.

One of these companies is Bear Mattress. It prides itself with making and distributing products that are athlete-oriented. They do not limit themselves to professional athletes only. They also cater to the needs of sleepers with an active lifestyle. That is why they have both below average priced mattresses for non-professional sleepers.

The company also has more expensive mattresses intended for professional athletes.

 2 Minute Summary

The Bear Mattress offers two options for its buyers. The first one is the budget-friendly Bear Mattress, a mixed foam mattress made to be medium firm on the scale. On the top, it has memory foam infused with a cooling graphite gel.

The gel rests beneath a breathable, special Celliant cover. This helps Bear mattress achieve neutral temperatures towering any one of its competitors.

Responsive and transitional polyfoam combined with memory foam above creates a conforming feel. What’s important to say is it doesn’t inhibit movement or give the feeling of constriction.

The Bear hybrid is a five-layer mattress with 14 inches of height. On the firmness scale, it positions itself as a medium firm.

Five inches of comfort system on top of the bed contains a cooling gel foam. Further, it contains a special patent called Serene foam underneath it. And finally, it contains a transitional layer of responsive polyfoam.

An individual pocketed coil system called Quantum Edge gives great support for sleepers. And with the help of Celliant technology, the Bear Hybrid sleeps as cool as can be.

Bear Mattress tries to reach out to sports-oriented buyers. That’s why it has Celliant fiber woven into the covers. They should help with muscle tissue healing, as well as the reduction of aches and pain.

From an aesthetic perspective, Bear Mattress and its Hybrid counterpart look quite appealing. The black and white color pattern gives it an elegant touch.

With a lot of research and data collection, we have found that the beds work great for most of the sleepers. Continue reading the review if you wish to find out everything about it. That way you can decide if it is worth buying.

Features Test



When it comes to durability, Bear Mattress seems to be on the same level as the competitors of the same price range. It should last for at least six or seven years of constant usage. That is a pretty fair amount of time, all things considered.


Mattress Sturdiness

Durability for the Bear Hybrid is the same as the Bear Mattress. Both of these are reasonably sturdy, although they won’t be breaking any records soon.


Motion Isolation

When the subject of motion isolation comes up, owners claim the Bear Mattress is very good.


Bear Mattress Motion Isolation

It isolates motion to a great extent. Furthermore, a great number of sleepers report a reduction of nighttime sleep interruptions. This means you will have less bad dreams and more general quality rest.

Bear Hybrid has the same success with motion isolation as the Bear Mattress does.



Edge Support

The biggest complaint about the mattress is it’s edge support. A multitude of owners has complained about their bed edges sagging in places they sat on or got up from the bed. Although, the quality of the edge support is somewhere on par with the competition.

The Bear Hybrid is a little bit better than the Bear counterpart, Not by far, to be honest. It still lacks edge support in comparison to the premium counterparts.


Sex Quality

We have to take into account the fact that bed bounciness is pretty much personal preference. People who like bouncier beds will find the hybrid much more fun. If you are a quieter type, you should choose the Bear mattress, as it provides little bounciness.



When it comes to noise, the Bear Mattress is a big player. It is almost unperceptive. Whenever you want to shift in bed, feel free to do so. Your partner will not hear a sound, no matter how light of a sleeper he is.


The same applies to the Bear Hybrid mattress. Quiet as a cat, that one.


Off Gassing

With Off-Gassing in play, in some cases, Bear Mattress owners report smells when the new. That means the same as most of the competitors. After a few days, the eventual odor dissipates. In no way is the Bear Mattress connected with excessive odors.


With Bear Hybrid, it is even easier to get rid of the odor. The smell disappears in a couple of days, quicker than the regular Bear mattress.


Temperature Maintenance

Every foam mattress, in general, sleeps hot. The bear isn’t very active in concern with cooling. But, it keeps your body temperature even through the night.


The Bear Hybrid will show better temperature neutrality because of its pocketed coils. They provide better aeration and contain less heat.



The Bear mattress conforms quite close. Some owners express their pleasure with pain and pressure relief. We have to take into account the fact that it is multi-layer memory foam. They contour closer in general, helping with the aches and the pain.


Bear Sleeping Positions

This makes the mattress so much more fitting for sleepers who engage in a lot of physical activity.

On the other side, Bear Hybrid provides little in ways of conforming to the owner, as other memory foam beds do.


Sleeping Positions


As mentioned before, almost any sleeping position and category works with the regular.

The hybrid shows some problems with stomach and side sleepers in the light category. As you can see for yourself, both mattresses work great for back and stomach sleepers.

They perform a little worse when it comes to lighter side sleepers.


Weight Support


If you are of average weight, you needn’t worry about which model you choose. Both the hybrid and the regular mattress are perfect for average weight sleepers. Lightweight back sleepers can take any of the two.

Bear Mattress Weight Support

Although, for side and stomach sleepers in the lightweight category regular is optimal. Lightweight sleepers reported complaints with the hybrid when side and stomach sleeping.

Where Should I Get It


To get your hands on a Bear Mattress regular, you can either visit the Bear’s website or go to Now, please note that the hybrid is only sold on the Bear’s official website. As for the brick and mortar showrooms, there is only one in Hoboken, New Jersey. The online option is also vastly superior due to the high chance of picking up excellent deals.


As for the prices, you will find them more than appropriate. To buy a Twin Bear Mattress, be ready to give 540 $, or 1,090 $ for the hybrid counterpart. To buy a Twin XL version, you will need 640$ for the regular, and 1,190 $ for the hybrid version. Next, the Full Bear Mattress costs 740 $ for the regular, and 1,290 $ for the hybrid one. For the Queen size Bear Mattress, you will need to give 840$ for the regular, and 1,390 $ for the hybrid one. In the end, if you wish to enjoy in the luxury of the King and California King size beds, prepare 940 $ for the Bear Mattress. The hybrid version will cost you 1,690 $.

Bear Mattress Review Summary

What We Love About

  • The first and most important pro is Bear’s Celliant technology. The FDA approved it.
  • Works really well when conforming for pain, as well as pressure relief making it quite suitable for athletes as well as general overworked people, who lead an active lifestyle.
  • Excellent Motion Isolation
  • Below Average Price

What made us sad

  • One of the biggest cons is the limited firmness options for both models.
  • It also has not so great edge support, but it is in the range of the competition.
  • Last, a 30-night break-in period is mandatory for the sleep trial.


The Bear mattress duo will bring to you all of the quality sleep you never knew you needed so much. While these mattresses are excellent for people that sleep on their backs or stomachs, side sleepers may leave feeling a bit disappointed.

The price is about average. However, the quality far eclipses the average with excellent comfort and motion isolation, making it ideal if you suffer from nightmares.

With that being said, keep in mind that it’s in limited supply, go to Bear’s online store today to see what all the craze is about!

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