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Buying a mattress can be stressful, and it’s not something that can be done without research. You can have an issue because there are too many different models.

The Internet offers a vast number of options.  The thing is, this can be a double-edged sword, mainly because sometimes individuals have some additional criteria.

Many people with weight over 230 pounds need some special qualities of a mattress. If that is your case too, you are not the only one looking out for something more to have proper support while sleeping.

In this guide for buying the best mattress for heavy people, we will review some of the best suitable mattresses for you in light of significant aspects of the features that you might consider important for your purchase.

So without wasting any further time, let’s first check out our picks and then we will discuss must-have features in a mattress for large people –

GHOST BED (Best Value)


If you are on your budget and you still want to get the best product possible, you might be surprised by the fact that there is an affordable exception. Ghost Bed makes mattresses that can meet your requirements.

What We Love About

  • 11 inches thick, this is one of the features that makes Ghost Bed a good fit for obese individuals
  • Low budget range, with standard pricing of 795 dollars, this bed has a really low price for its value.
  • Combination of latex and memory foam, can provide better support and help with pain alleviation

What made us sad

  • only Queen size will suit heavier people, other models won’t be enough
  • week edge support since it combines foam, edge support isn’t its strong point
  • some people might find it hot, there are other models which retain less temperature

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SAATVA HD (Best Luxury)


If you are looking for a bed whose company has a good and consistent reputation, we’d recommend you consider Saatva beds.  These mattresses are known for their combination of good materials, and they are consistent in providing great support for your body.

What We Love About

  • Saatva HD was designed especially for people who weigh more than 300 pounds
  • Has reinforcements for edge support, this mattress has additional high-density poly-foam on the edges
  • White glove delivery and 20 years warranty, Saatva HD also offers a 100 days trial period.

What made us sad

  • Its firmness scale is 7, some obese people can find it less firm than needed
  • Pricey, for the innerspring model, Saatva HD might seem a little pricey than the other poly-foam models
  • Not well-suited for hot sleepers, just like the Ghost bed, this mattress can also be uncomfortable for those who like to sleep cool.

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Winkbed Plus (Best for Side Sleepers)


The asleep position can be one of the deciding factors for your mattress purchase.  If you like to sleep on your side, you might want to consider softer mattresses that will help you with releasing the pressure. In that case, WinkBed plus model might fit your needs.

What We Love About

  • Designed specifically for overweighed people, Winkbed plus mattress was made to be more efficient for the side sleepers who weight over 230 pounds
  • Additional reinforcements, manufacturers made sure that larger side-sleepers have extra support
  • Durable, thanks to the reinforcements the longevity of this bed is prolonged

What made us sad

  • Pricey, with a general cost of around 1,249 dollars, Winkbed can be considered pricey
  • Same as other innerspring mattresses, this one can be found too hot for sleepers who prefer to sleep cool

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BIG FIG (Best for Stomach Sleepers)

Big Fig

If you are in a search for a hybrid mattress that will meet your requirements, there is a model made especially for obese people. Big Fig is a mattress that will accommodate heavily weighted people, and it is one of the most recommended choices for those who like to sleep on their stomach.

What We Love About

  • Designed for overweight people, this means that it already has overall good support and strong edges
  • Thicker than average, Big Fig is 13 inches thick, which is significant for stomach sleepers. It keeps your spine and your hips in a neutral position
  • An extra layer, unlike the standard hybrids, this one offers one additional layer of comfort foam

What made us sad

  • One firmness, even though it is a hybrid, Big Fig only has one firmness option
  • Heavy, since it has additional layers and it is very thick, it can be difficult to move
  • Pricey, even though Big Fig has an average price for a hybrid (2,000 dollars), some people find it unaffordable

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Brooklyn Titan (Best for Back Sleepers)

Brooklyn Titan

When it comes to those who like to sleep on their backs, the hybrid models are also the ones that are recommended the most.  If you are having issues with your lower back or if you just want the best support for your spine during the night, you might want to consider the Brooklyn Titan.

What We Love About

  • Good for spinal alignment, Brooklyn titan is a model made for people who are back-sleepers, and it helps keep your spine in a neutral position
  • Bouncy, this mattress is bouncy enough to enable you to adjust your body during the night
  • Cool, this mattress has low heat retention, and it is ideal for those who don’t like to sleep hot

What made us sad

  • Only available on their website, this bed can’t be found on other websites such as Amazon
  • It has a mandatory trial period of 120 days and additional 30 days break period

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King Koil (Editor’s Pick)

King Koil

King Koil mattresses are the ones that are available in five collections, and they are made from different materials. You can find them as innerspring, airbed, and memory foam mattresses, even though we’d recommend the airbed one for the heavy sleepers.

What We Love About

  • Many models available; this means that you can choose your firmness, thickness, and other features.
  • Great edge support, due to the variety of designs and materials, these mattresses provide overall good edge support
  • Airbed models are suitable for couples

What made us sad

  • Durability can be an issue, some customers reviewed it as nondurable
  • Specifications are limited, you need to make inquiries to get the information you need
  • Expensive, even though they offer many models that have quality, with the price of over 2,000 dollars, some people can find them unaffordable.

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Bodyweight is an important aspect of your mattress choice, and you, like many others, want the best that you can get. In this Buying guide, we will talk about some features that every mattress for heavier people should have. And in some of the following sections, we will provide some concrete suggestions.


is a very important feature for any buyer because the overall comfort of a mattress depends on it. Mattresses that are manufactured today are usually sold in various firmness levels that are graded on a scale from 1 to 10. In this context, number 1 means that the mattress is the least firm, and number 10 is a grade for the firmest ones. However, most of the mattresses are graded 3 to 4 for if you want a soft one, and number 7 or 8 if you are looking for a standard firm mattress.

Individuals who are dealing with obesity tend to sink more in their mattresses. It is significantly better for your plus size bed to be more firm because it will help you with pressure relief and your sleep will be more comfortable. In general, terms, if you are a heavy individual, you will feel better supported on a mattress that is graded 8 on a firmness scale.

This feature is even more important for stomach- sleepers or those who like sleeping on their side.

We would recommend considering hybrid models. Memory foam, for example, isn’t the best option because obese people tend to sink in more.


is another feature that qualifies a mattress. Mattresses have a general range from 6 to 14 inches of thickness, and it is a thing that is different for every mattress type. Obese people usually feel more comfortable on thicker beds because thickness gives them better and more compressed body support. If your mattress is too thin, you can feel uncomfortable, or you can just sink in too much.

In most of the cases, mattresses that are 12 inches to 13 inches thick are the ones that buyers recommend the most. For people who weigh more than 230 pounds, it is valuable to have as much support to their body as possible. This feature helps them alleviating the pressure and gives them more quality sleep.

When it comes to the materials that are the best choice for thickness, you should go with innerspring mattresses or hybrids. All-foam mattresses, however, are usually thinner than the previous ones, so they might not be your first choice.


There aren’t many mattresses produced today which don’t have at least one layer of memory foam as a part of their comfort system. When we talk about the density of a mattress, we refer to the weight that the mattress can successfully support. This feature is used to determine how much pounds per cubic foot (PCF) a bed can handle.  Density isn’t just important because it determines the weight limit for efficient body support, it is important for the durability of a mattress too.

There are usually three categories for measurement of density, and those are: low, medium, and high. For individuals who are dealing with weight, we would recommend choosing one of the high dense mattresses.

Whether you choose a poly-foam or a full memory foam bed, keep in mind that if the PFC is above 1.7 (for poly-foam) or more than 5 PCF (for memory foam), that means that you have a high density for your mattress. It is also important to note that some manufacturers don’t give this kind of information on the internet, so you might need to call the store or send an individual request for specifications.

Edge Support

When it comes to edge support, the best way to ensure the proper mattress for your plus size bed is to really pay attention to this feature.  This is even more important if you sleep with a partner.

Even though the primal function of the bed is to sleep on it during the night, there are many other functions that your bed can have during the day. If you have the custom to sit on the edge of your bed during your spare time, this will concern you.  Or if you just use the edge of your bed for sitting while you type on your laptop or to sit down while you are tying down your shoes.

You need the most stable edges that you can get if you want to prevent sagging or falling down during the sleep too. In most of the cases, the best thing would be to consider getting a hybrid, or mattresses made from springs. They will give you the strongest edge support. You can even consider mattresses made from coils since the foam mattresses usually don’t have strong support on the edges.


Mattresses for obese people should be even better at performing well for pain and pressure relief. That is why hybrid models are usually the most recommended ones when it comes to this matter. Hybrids are built to provide comfort in general and avoid the feeling of being stuck. These kinds of mattresses usually come in three kinds of firmness so, depending on your body’s sleeping position, and you can adjust your desired level.

Softer versions are better for those who like to sleep on their side. In this context, innerspring models are also suitable.  When it comes to comfort, heavier people tend to prefer firmer models, so you might consider those who are graded as highly firmed ones.

Temperature Neutrality

This is another quality that you will find important for your purchase. Some mattresses are really good in retaining the body temperature, and they are usually called cool mattresses. These kinds of mattresses are usually innerspring, or they are some hybrid models. On the other hand, memory foam beds tend to retain more body heat. These mattresses are usually recommended for those who like to sleep hot.

However, many of the obese sleepers don’t like sleeping hot. The main reason for this is that body mass is higher, and thus, they tend to produce more temperature while sleeping. This is why, in general, memory foam mattresses are not a usual choice for individuals with body mass over 230 pounds.  Still, the manufacturers try to satisfy as many customers as they can. That is why it is possible to find poly-foam models with gel layers that help you feel cooler during the night. If you don’t like sleeping hot at all, you may consider other materials for your bed and purchase an innerspring or a hybrid.

Sleeping Position Support

This can make all the difference for your new bed. If you are a side sleeper, you will look for a mattress that can enable more pressure relief. If this is the case, you should go for a plushier bed since the softer mattress will be more suitable for you to sink in.

If you are, however, a back sleeper, you might prefer a firmer bed, because it will make your back pain easier to handle. Sleeping on your back requires a mattress that will support your spinal alignment and your body shape at the same time.

Obese people have to be extra mindful of their purchase if they are sleeping on their stomachs. If your mattress isn’t as firm as it should be, it could make you feel uncomfortable. This is also important because when you are a stomach sleeper, you need to make sure that your spine will be in the neutral position the whole night, along with your hips. It could also put additional pressure on your abdomen.  In this case, hybrid models might be a better option than the foam beds, for example.

Weight limit

Companies that produce mattresses usually put the weight limits for their models. This feature is significant because if you cross the weight limit of a bed, you could make damage on your trial period, for example, or in the worst case, you can even hurt yourself.

The weight limits are various, and they are usually associated with a certain brand or a certain model. In most cases, manufacturers design King and Queen Size models for this purpose, and the general weight limit for them is 600 pounds maximum. Once again, you need to keep in mind that this feature can seriously determine whether you are are going to purchase a bed or not.

Some mattresses can fit all other qualities, but they can’t support your weight or the weight of your partner and you.  All brands, in general, have King and Queen Sizes, so usually, if the weight limit is not an issue, other things decide if you are going to buy a mattress or not.  Still, this information is important to you for another reason, the lifespan of your mattress can depend on it, so make sure to inquire about this information.



As we previously mentioned, this is the section where we will compare different materials and different parameters. If you follow the table below, you will find scores such as poor, fair, good, and best for the types that we discussed.


  Innerspring Memory foam Latex Hybrid Airbed
Firmness Good Fair Fair/Good Good/Very good Good/very good
Thickness Good Good Good Good/very good Good
Edge support Very Good Poor Poor / Fair Good/very good Fair/to Good
Temperature Good/Very good Poor/Fair Fair / Good Fair/Good Fair/Good
Heavy back sleepers Fair Good Good Good Good
Heavy side sleepers Fair Fair Good Good Fair
Heavy stomach sleepers Poor Fair Good Fair Fair
Average price point 800 /1,100 1,000/ 1,500 790/2,000 1,500/2,000 2,000/2,4000
Overall suitability Fair/Good Fair Fair Good/Very Good Good
Best product Saatva Nectar Ghostbed Big Fig/Titan King Koil


Final Words

Considering all the information that you need to find a proper mattress, we can say that it can be tough. Many factors need to be taken into consideration, and body weight is definitely one of them.

Through the previous sections, we were discussing some of the features that you should be interested in, but keep in mind that, at the end of the day, the decision is up to you.

If you need a new mattress, be mindful of things like a correct alignment for your spine, or temperature regulation. The point is to buy a mattress that will provide you with good and quality sleep.

Be careful about the weight limit for certain models and materials and their combinations. If you are a person of an above-average weight, you might prefer to sleep cool. If that is the case, from this guide, you should be able to conclude to consider models that are not made from memory foam, for example.

Eventually, warranty policies and trial periods are also an important part of your decision, so make sure to have all the information. This is especially important if you are buying your mattress online. The shipping period is different too, and it depends from manufacturer to manufacturer.

In the end, it is easier to choose if you know what you are looking for. You should consider mattress’ features and your personal preferences and make sure that it will fit your budget too.

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