Casper Mattress Review

Casper Mattress Review

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Getting a proper mattress can be considered as important as having a car, for example. If it’s not good, you’ve wasted your time, yourself, and your money- in both cases.

Buying something new always takes time and some research, especially in this era where we can order online pretty much everything.

Considering that sometimes just having data about the material, size, and data isn’t enough, we enforce you to follow up our Casper mattress review (2020 updated) and see the performances from the consumerist’s side.

 2 Minute Summary


If you aren’t that much into experimenting and you like to have something that’s proven good, Casper mattress is the right thing for you.

Four layers of foam combined in a way that pleases your body and gives you a feel of comfort.

Casper broke onto the scene in a big way in 2014, and it continued strong, making competition for all big brands.

It was one of the first online ‘’bed in a box’’ retailer, and it kept maintaining its standard through excellent offers and one of the best-graded customer services. Casper comes in all standard sizes, it’s comfy and affordable- can’t say no to that.

Features Test



Casper mattress’s signature is mixed foam. It has four foam layers covered with polyester. Each layer has its own thickness and role.

Casper Sturdiness

The first layer (or the top layer) is a 1,5 inched open-cell poly-foam that provides contouring while staying cool.

The second layer is 1,5 inches of memory foam.

The third layer is called the transition poly foam, and it’s also 1,5 inch thick while the fourth layer made of support foam is 5 inches thick.

All these layers combined give a feel of distinct comfort, and they give good resilience.

Since Casper mattresses are relatively new on the market, there aren’t confirmed info about durability and longevity, but the warranty length is 10 years, so that is at least a decade of guaranty for your investment.


Motion Isolation


Casper Mattress Motion Isolation

Casper mattresses have good motion isolation.

They don’t regain shape as quickly as some other mattresses, but they are good at disrupting motions from other people sleeping on it.

They are considered effective, especially for sleeping with your SO or family.


Edge Support

Usually, all-foam mattresses have their weakest point with the edges.

Materials used in Casper mattresses aren’t different, so if you like sleeping at the end of the bed, you should be aware that this mattress doesn’t compress as well as it should on the edges.

With that being said, this generally isn’t a big consideration when getting a mattress.


Sex Quality

A common problem with foam is that it’s not that good for sex.

But Casper found a solution for that- top layer made from open-cell poly-foam that’ll make your passionate nights great.

All in all, this mattress is head and shoulders above most of its competition when it comes to sex quality.



Casper mattresses are efficient in noise reduction, which is a consequence of sound motion isolation.

All customers are usually content since these mattresses produce barely any noise.

In most of the cases, they’re totally silent.


Off Gassing

After unpacking Casper mattress, there are standard scents that can’t be ignored or prevented.

However, they are not dangerous, and they usually disappear after a few hours.

You can speed up that process by putting the mattress in a well-ventilated room or outside- if the weather is nice.


Temperature Maintenance

Casper really is different from other foam mattresses.

Usage of the open-cell foam on the first layer helps temperature regulation.

There won’t be a feeling of too hot or too cold, even though there are other mattresses that provide cooler sleep.




Casper Comfort

Casper mattresses can tailor their support to different parts of the body very well.

Responsiveness is given by the two top layers, proprietary and memory foam.

Different layers of foam enable good cushioning and good, comfortable sleep.

Because of this, we’ve rated them as extremely comfortable to sleep on.


Sleeping Positions


These mattresses are proven good for all sleeping positions.

It is best recommended for side and back sleepers, but stomach sleeper’s grades don’t fall behind.

This is a category where this mattress succeeds, and its mid-firmness definitely helps.


Weight Support


Casper mattresses are good for all kinds of sleepers.

It doesn’t matter if you like to sleep on your side, your back, or on your stomach, you’ll always get proper support for your body.

However, it is not always that comfortable if you are heavily weighted.

Casper mattresses do have mid-level firmness that is suitable for all sleeping positions, but it might not be the first choice if you weight over 230 pounds.

Casper Mattress Weight Support

Casper can meet the expectations of pretty much all customers.

It’s firm enough to provide support and soft enough to give a comfy feeling.

Since it is an all-foam mattress, it is not bad at supporting heavier people, but, as we already mentioned, it can be less comfortable for those over 230 pounds.


Where Should I Get It


Since it is one of the first online beds in a box merchants, you can order Casper mattresses directly from the manufacturer’s website or Amazon.

Their customer service has the highest grades, and if you add free shipping and 100 days long sleeping trial, you’ll get a really satisfied customer.

We would getting one from Amazon, for better deal and more control.

Casper Mattress Review Summary

What We Love About

  • Suitable for all sleeping positions – Even if it has one firmness (mid-leveled one), Casper mattress’s response to all sleeping positions is well graded. Side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, full foam mattress gives them all a good, quality sleep.
  • Efficient in motion isolation – You won’t be disturbed by another person during your sleep, and it’s not noisy. The first two layers that are the most responsive ones ensure that you won’t wake up during the night by reducing movements to a minimum.
  • Below average price for type and quality – Casper mattress come in all standard sizes, they have a good response in every category, and are less expensive than others. Compared to other mattresses out there, they really do give less than the average price for mattress type and quality.
  • A good reputation of the company, long trial period – Casper has the best grades for their customer service. They are described as highly responsive, nice, and efficient in resolving issues. The company is still strong on the market, it has great offers, and as far as the good offer goes, they give 10 year-long warranty, and 100 days trial period. The worthy investment, won’t you say?

What made us sad

  • Only one firmness level – It limits the buyer in a way, but this is not necessarily a flaw since most of the mattresses come in one firmness.
  • Not that comfortable for heavier sleepers – Can be too warm and less cushioning for them
  • Weak edge support – As most of the foam mattresses edges are not as good as the central part of the mattress.


Quality sleep is the premise of a productive day, and it can affect us on many levels. Good sleep keeps us healthy, gives us energy, and boosts us. Taking your time to choose which mattress suits your needs is really important, and you shouldn’t take it lightly. The choice should be based on your own preferences since you’ll be the one sleeping on it. Use the trial period; see if all these conditions fit your needs. Casper mattresses already made a big base of content customers, so it won’t hurt trying. Good sleep makes us happy. And your happy sleep might be shipping away.

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