Casper Vs Purple Vs Leesa Vs Tuft and Needle Vs Tempurpedic

Casper Vs Purple Vs Leesa Vs Tuft and Needle Vs Tempurpedic Key Feature Image

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Bed in a box market became really big during the last couple of years.

Brands that came out strong are still doing well, and they are trying to keep up with new designs and improvements to make their customers happy.

When it comes to choosing a mattress, you can’t help but to look into the products of ‘’five of the strongest’’ out there:  Purple, Casper, Lessa, Tuft and Needle, and of course, Tempurpedic.

These companies offer quality mattresses with unique features. Each of them had contributed their time and innovations towards our better sleep.

In this review, we’ll make a breakdown for their classic models to help you choose the best fit for your needs.


The Mattresses At A Glance


Casper or Purple, Lessa or Tuft and Needle, Tempurpedic, or all of the mentioned above, it really is a tough call.

All of these mattresses have similarities on many levels.

They all have found and implemented new materials, and they are all focused on pressure point relief.

There are, of course, differences, and we will try to describe them through their construction, firmness, sleep experience, price, sizes, and value.


To be more transparent, we’ll put pros for mattresses individually, than give similarities for all of them.


  • Mid-level firmness, suitable for all sleeping positions (also the best choice for side sleepers)
  • Excellent customer service (best graded)


  • Unique material: Hyper-Elastic Polymer, the signature of the brand
  • Temperature regulation (recommended for those who like cooler temperatures while sleeping)
  • Free set of Purple sheets if you buy the mattress


  • Better in accommodating heavier people
  • Highly responsive
  • For every ten sold mattresses Lessa donates one new mattress for those in need.

Tuft and Needle

  • Best budget option
  • No frills construction
  • Amazon Best Seller


  • Thick layers of memory foam for pressure relief
  • Sinking into bed (luxurious feel)
  • Gentle structure of the foam

All of these mattresses offer long trial periods, and warranty length of ten years.

Mattresses such as Purple and Tuft and Needle are well recognized for their own materials incorporated into mattresses.

Those who like experimenting are well satisfied with them. 

All of the companies have their focus on limiting motion and temperature regulation, so the performances in these aspects are similar, and the decision is up to customer’s personal preference.

The Cons

When it comes to flaws, there are also similarities to some models.

For example, Purple, Tuft, and Needle and Lessa have week edge support, while Casper and Tempurpedic are less bad at it.

Lessa and Purple are better suited for heavier sleepers, while others might not be as comfortable as them.

The other three kinds of mattresses from this review are not recommended as your first choice if you have over 230 pounds.

Purple mattresses also lack twin size and have additional shipping costs outside the USA while others come in all regular sizes and the shipping is free.

Tuft and Needle even have additional petit and medium size of the mattress.

All of these mattresses come in one firmness level, which can be limiting, but they offer more models to make up for it.

Parameters Testing



The difference in construction dictates not only the price and durability but also the level of comfort and quality of your sleep.

The difference in your feel is a product of combining different materials and different amounts of layers.


Casper, Lessa, Tuft, and Needle and Tempurpedic are all-foam mattresses while Purple uses uniquely developed material.

Casper has four layers. The top layer is made from open-cell polyfoam that helps temperature regulation and increases resilience.

Lessa has three layers of foam. The first one is also called the Premium foam, which is a latex-like bouncier than traditional foam.

Compared to full foam mattresses, Purple has its top layers made of Hyper-Elastic Polymer that enables supreme temperature regulation and resilience.

Tuft and Needle, however, have only two layers of foam, but the first one (Tuft and Needle foam) also has a nice bounce and responds well to pressure.

All of these mattresses have a sturdy foundation and are predicted to last at least ten years.

New companies such as Casper don’t have longevity statistics yet, but they guarantee a decade trough the warranty length.


Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is one of the main points of interest for every mattress manufacturer.

All five models of mattresses are really good in motion isolation, and they guaranty good sleep even if you share a bed.


More resilient material, such as Hyper-Elastic poly-foam, shows better performance, but Lessas’s Premium foam supported with 2-inches of memory foam performs even better. 

It doesn’t matter if you like sleeping on the cloud with Purple or Lessa, or you like the feeling of sinking in luxury with Casper or Tempurpedic, your sleep will be undisturbed.

The only big difference is if you love sleeping near the edge of the bed.


Regardless of the model and the shipping time, all of these mattresses have a scent that is natural for all new products.

The smell should disappear after a day, but do keep in mind that if you have a really sensitive nose or live in a heated area, it will be more challenging to get rid of the smell (especially with Tempurpedic).


The feel of comfort is not something that can be showed in numbers. It depends on many factors, and most of them are personal preference.


To put it simply, if you feel like a firm and cool mattress will meet your expectation you should go with Purple or Lessa.

If you, however, like to be ‘’hugged” by your mattress and sleep with optimal temperature coming from your bed, you should try on of the rest of the models.

If your comfort is is also budget-limited, you should go with Casper, or even less expensive Tuft and Needle.

Temperature Maintenance

As we already mentioned, there are two main groups of mattresses in this review when it comes to temperature regulation. 

The first group is recommended for those who like cooler temperatures, and the second group for those who want optimal and warmer mattresses.

If you are in the first group, Purple is definitely your choice.

For the best optimal temperature maintenance, we’d recommend Casper or Tuft and Needle,  and if you prefer warmer beds, you should go with Lesse or Tempurpedic.

Edge Support

Edge support is the weakest point of all mattresses.

These five are no exception.

Tuft and Needle

Even though they all have multiple layers that’ll get you pleasant and undisturbed sleep, a weak edge is their definitive flaw.

With that being said, the Purple and Tempurpedic are definitely in front of the pack in this area.


When we talked about similarities, preventing motion wasn’t the only one.

Noise reduction goes hand in hand with motion isolation, and all the mattresses are successful in it.

All of these models are virtually silent while bearing weight.

Even if you have a light sleep, these five mattresses will keep your sleep peaceful.


Sex Quality

Amorous activities are an essential part of our mattress choice.

Qualities such as resilience, bounciness, and motion can affect our sex experience.

Full foam mattresses sometimes aren’t the best solution, but Casper, for example, beats the stereotype.

With their open-cell poly-foam layer, they increased their mattress’s bounciness which improved their position in this category.

Purple, on the other side, has natural bounciness due to their Hyper-elastic Polymer, which by default, gives great ground for sex.

Weight And Sleep Positions

When it comes to sleeping positions, Casper and Tempurpedic excel for those sleeping on their side.

For the back sleepers, Lessa or Purple is the best choice.

There are, of course, mattresses that are better for those sleeping on their stomach.

Tuft and Needle and again Lessa (with their additionally supportive memory foam) are well recommended for them.

Weight Support

While most of the mattresses well tolerate weight, there are some differences between these models.

Lessa is the best choice for heavily weighted people, while Tuft and Needle aren’t well recommended for them.

Right behind it is Purple.

Casper and Tempurpedic can handle the weight, but they are more suitable for light or average weighted people.

Sleeping Position Support

Each of these mattresses feels generally similar.

Even if you are well versed in their structure, they all aspire to support different parts of the body proportionally and consistently.

Even though that most of them are suitable for side sleepers, Casper is better than the others if you change your positions during the night, and Lessa’s additional memory foam layer works great for those who like sleeping on their belly.

Nevertheless, whatever your purchase is, you’ll have a mattress that’ll give you healthy spinal alignment.

Where Should I Get It?

All of the five companies sell their products online. You can place your order on their websites or on Amazon. The shipping is free for all except Purple. Purple has an additional shipping price outside the territory of the United States. Some of the manufacturers often give discounts or gifts for online orders, and the best thing is that it’s all delivered on your doorstep.

Final Words

Whether you like traditional brands or experimenting with new exciting designs, we have it covered! If you are tight on a budget – we give you Tuft and Needle, if you like to float and feel cool and unique at the same time, there is a Purple mattress just for you. If you want a luxurious feel or full 4 layered foam mattress, you can choose between Tempurpedic and Casper. Last but not least, if you are worried that your mattress can’t hold your weight- Lesse definitely can.

Whatever your criteria – we give you an option in advance, with more than three months of the free trial period.

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