Double Up Your Productivity at Work with These Simple 6 Exercises

Double Up Your Productivity at Work with These Simple 6 Exercises

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Is productivity becoming a major problem at work?

If yes, it might be time to stand up, walk away from your cubicle, and do some exercising.

Studies suggest that exercising can help increase productivity at work by more than 100%.

That said, we rounded up some quick and easy exercises that you can perform to improve your work efficiency. We have listed below 6 easy exercise routines:

  1. Move around
  2. Stand up
  3. Walk outside
  4. Yoga
  5. Cardio workout
  6. Exercise ball

But before that, first, let’s find out what the following studies reveal about the connection between exercising and work productivity.


3 Studies That Prove Exercising Boosts Productivity

Researchers have done various studies to determine the relationship between exercising and productivity. Below, we listed down three findings that prove exercising positively impacts efficiency.

Study on the Effects of Daytime Exercise Among Workers by Leeds Metropolitan University

One study found that workers who exercised during work hours got a 15% instant boost on productivity.

Study on the Effects of Daytime Exercise Among Workers by Leeds Metropolitan University

Six out of 10 employees said they improved the following on the days they exercised:

  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Mental performances
  • Time management skills

Participants also said their moods have improved after exercising. They were also less likely to suffer from “post-lunch dip,” aka afternoon fatigue.

Experts believe that exercising may help you perform better on your job. Exercising does this by easing stress or improving mood.

Doing physical activities during work hours may also help you process information faster. It may also help you to remember more and get less frustrated.

These benefits make you more productive at work and get along better with your colleagues.


Study on the Benefits of Exercise to Mental Processing by Harvard University

Your mind plays a role in maintaining efficiency at work. That’s why your mind must always be in its best condition.

Study on the Benefits of Exercise to Mental Processing by Harvard University

And exercising can help with your mental abilities.

One study showed that exercising may have a positive impact on your mental abilities. Exercising is found to help in the following:

  • Boosting creativity
  • Enhancing concentration
  • Prolonging mental stamina
  • Quicker learning
  • Sharper memory

The same study also proves that regular exercise may help elevate your mood. And as you know, improving moods has serious implications on workplace performance.

That said, exercising does not only benefit our physical abilities. It also benefits our minds, as well.


Study on the Impact of Workplace “Sit Less, Move More” Program

Sitting in the office may sound relaxing, but not when you do it for a long time. In fact, the length of time you sit affects your productivity.

Study on the Impact of Workplace “Sit Less, Move More” Program

No wonder the “sit less, move more” program helps improve work productivity. This is based on a study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).

In one experiment, researchers observed two groups of employees at six universities. One group tends to be more active while the other has longer sitting time.

The more active participants showed better performance than the other group.

Researchers found out that:

  • The said program reduces the causes of lost workday productivity
  • Prolonged sitting time was linked to lower work productivity
  • Being more physically active improves productivity loss

The goal of this program is to reduce sitting time, and in return, increase productivity. It encourages doing physical activities like moving around or working on standing desks.


Exercising as Productivity Booster

Exercising as Productivity Booster

Based on the abovementioned studies, exercising can help benefit your productivity in various ways:

  • Lift your mood
  • Ease stress
  • Reduce chances of afternoon fatigue
  • Boost your mental abilities
  • Improve your ability to meet deadlines
  • Enhance time management skills
  • Decreases lost workday productivity

The effects of exercise have been proven useful to workers. That’s why it’s no wonder giant companies like Google and Nike promote physical activities at work.

That said, it’s time you include exercise in your everyday routine. But your company may not offer access to the gym or a holistic approach to productivity.

Now, what should you do? Read on to find a solution to this problem.


6 Easy Exercises to Improve Work Productivity

If gyms are not available to you, don’t fret. You can still do some activities that may help increase your productivity.

We understand the need for exercises that you can perform in the shortest possible time. And we got your back.

Below, we rounded up six easy exercises ideal for those who can’t visit a gym during regular work hours.


Exercise #1: Move Around

Moving around the office may seem counterproductive, but there are some productivity benefits to it.


Exercise #1- Move Around


As stated above in the “sit less, move more” study, moving around reduces productivity loss. It also gives better muscle movement and blood circulation.

Aside from being healthy, walking around the office also encourages collaboration among workers.

Interacting with fellow employees develop a bond. With this bond, you grow comfortable with one another that you can exchange ideas freely.

It is through this interaction that the best ideas come up. And the best ideas make a productive team.

Summary: Moving around promotes collaboration among employees. It may help create better ideas as well as reduce productivity loss.

Exercise #2: Stand Up

Office works can become tedious over time. This can lead to boredom that affects your productivity.

Exercise #2- Stand Up


Standing up from time to time can be a great way to counter this. This is especially true on most desk works.

Now, what you need to do is to stand up for a few minutes while you do the job.

This exercise gives you a different perspective on your work. Aside from boosting productivity, it also helps improve mood and energy levels.

Standing desks were specifically made for this purpose.

Summary: Standing up while working may counter boredom by enhancing mood and energy levels.

Exercise #3: Walk Outside

A simple walk may help open up the free flow of ideas.

In a Stanford University experiment, 81% of participants experienced a boost in creativity. This was after they walked during regular work hours.

If you’re fond of walking outside, it may also be beneficial to your creativity. In fact, researchers found that walking outside produced the highest quality of ideas.

Walking for 30 minutes during lunch also helps battle afternoon fatigue. This is according to a separate study.

Studies show that lunchtime walks may help ease nervousness at work. It may also help improve relaxation and increase enthusiasm.

That said, try to eat lunch outside when you can. This gives you the chance to walk and reap some productivity benefits.

Summary: Walking may help increase creativity and battle afternoon slump at work. Researchers observed that walking outdoors or during lunchtime gives the most novel results.

Exercise #4: Yoga

Yoga helps you cope up with the workplace’s stress.

Exercise #4- Yoga

One study found that yoga has a positive impact on motivation and stress management. It also found participants to have an increase in energy levels, problem-solving ability, and creativity.

Fortunately, there are easy yoga poses that can be done even when you’re at work.

Try these office yoga routines for a few minutes while sitting or standing in front of your desk.

  • Wrist and Finger Stretches
  • Seated Crescent Moon Pose
  • Sit and Stand Chair Pose
  • Chair Pigeon Pose
  • Desk Chaturanga
  • Desk Upward Dog Pose
  • Desk Plank Pose

Summary: Yoga may improve motivation and reduces stress. There are easy yoga poses that can be done quickly.

Exercise #5: Cardio Workout

Office cardio workouts like aerobics and Zumba dancing encourages camaraderie among workers.

It doesn’t need workout amenities like a gym to pull off. This is great if your workplace does not have access to such facilities.

This helps your heart pumping while having fun with your colleagues.

You can perform easy 10-minutes office cardio exercises like the ones mentioned here.

Summary: Office cardio gets your heart rates up. It both encourages a healthy lifestyle and friendship among employees.

Exercise #6: Exercise Ball

Exercise ball takes up less space. It is also quick and can be done every day for a few minutes, that’s why it’s a great office exercise option.


Exercise #6- Exercise Ball

Working out using an exercise ball develops core muscles. It gives you stability on your deep abdominal muscles, back muscles, and lower back muscles.

And like any exercise routine in this list, it helps boost productivity among employees.

Summary: Exercise ball is an ideal option to boost productivity while developing core muscles.

Key Takeaways

Great work reading the entire article.

Now, you have learned how exercising positively impacts your work productivity. Aside from that, you also learned that:

  • Exercising may help improve work productivity by 15%.
  • Exercising is not only helpful in boosting physical activities but also mental abilities, too.
  • Sitting less was linked to lower productivity, so you should move more at work.
  • There are easy office exercises that can be done without the need to go to the gym.

If productivity is becoming a major problem at work, it’s high time that you include exercising in your daily routine.

Having no access to the gym is not an excuse anymore. With the simple routines above, you can get that body moving to reap the benefits of exercising.

Now, are you getting fired up? Stand up, do some exercises, and get those creative juices flowing.

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