Top 8 Delicious Foods that Make Your Butt Bigger

foods to make butt bigger

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While I was going through my social feed this morning, I came across a little prayer.

The anonymous poster was hoping that all the food she would ever eat would go straight to her butt, but not to her belly.

I can definitely relate.

After all, when you gain weight, you just tend to gain weight everywhere. It is the same with boobs.

As much as you want to get bigger ones, you cannot do so naturally if you don’t want to pad your love handles with extra fat.

With your butt, though, it seems that there is a little hope.

There is a way for you to tweak your body composition to get thicker thighs and bigger butt without the rest of your body suffering from the gain.

Are we talking about exercise?

Well, there is that – but most people will balk at the idea of doing millions of squats to get where they want to be.

So, yes – you and I need a little help from the food gods.

Here are some foods that can make your butt bigger:


Legumes have a high protein content, which you need to grow your glutes.

Trigger the protein with some resistance training to firm up that butt in less time.

This is a large food group, which includes black beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils, lima beans, mung beans, peas, soybeans, and more.

This group can also provide you with the carbs and minerals that your body needs.



If you plan on nibbling butt-boosting snacks, you can move from legumes to nuts quickly enough.

Imagine snacking on almonds, peanuts, cashews, pistachios, peanuts, and a whole variety of nuts before you set off to exercise for the day.

Even vegans can get their daily boost of proteins from these plant-based sources.

With their help, you can be lean but with a firm big butt supported by thicker thighs.



Not all meats are equal. You may have to pick pieces of meat that boast more protein than saturated fat.

For example, boneless and skinless chicken breast can provide you with a large protein amount without escalating your calorie intake.

This filling source of protein is best eaten after a workout because it boosts your muscle mass.

You may also pick lean beef, although some newly health-conscious individuals may stay away because of its classification as a slice of red meat.

Beef, however, should be a great addition to your butt-building diet because of its protein content.

Of course, you can replace your chicken with turkey instead – if you want something healthier than the abovementioned red meat.

As a type of poultry like chicken, it delivers the same benefits without making you feel you are eating the same thing all the time.



If you would rather eat fish, salmon is the best option.

It can taste quite rich, making you wonder if you are making a mistake by chowing down the whole serving that you got.

Don’t be deterred by how fancy and decadent it feels. Salmon comes with healthy fats, high protein content, and fiber.

It also frees you from carbs while fueling you with Omega-3 fatty acids. Your glute-building goal should be met better if you add salmon to your diet.

How? Fatty acids can help increase your skeletal muscle’s size while also preventing muscle loss.

So, eating salmon can help you gain some weight on your behind while also maintaining its firmness.


Healthy Grains

Yes, grains can also play a role in your quest for a bigger butt.

Unless you are an athlete, you should opt for brown rice over white. Brown rice comes with fewer carbs.

You do not need extra ones if you live a regular life, not sedentary, but not overly active, either.

The amino acids found in brown rice also helps you grow your butt because it works against muscle fatigue and damage.

Brown rice is also a good protein source.

If you fancy something different, you can go with quinoa. It is packed with protein and also comes with amino acids.

It promotes healthy muscle metabolism, which you need for building those glutes.



You may have a hard time accepting this entry if you are lactose intolerant.

However, this section can get you going in your butt building goal as early as breakfast time for the rest if you don’t have a problem with dairy.

Whole milk – yep, not the skim and low-fat ones – can help you get a bigger butt. You can get that bigger butt firmed and toned, as well, if you drink your milk after a workout.

Meanwhile, eggs have long-established an excellent reputation among bodybuilders. It comes with just about everything you need to increase your booty size: proteins, fat, iron, and more.

You do have to consume the whole egg. Usually, those who plan to lose weight just go for the egg whites.

Then, to add some tasty goodness to your dairy-focused meal, you can also add cottage cheese. It is even denser in protein, with 22 grams in a cup. Just like eggs and milk, you can boost your butt growth even when you are on the go.



Oh, you know what they say about avocadoes.

They contain fats, but they are the healthy kind. It’s true, though, and that is excellent news because I just love avocadoes!

Aren’t they delicious? Their unsaturated fats also help you grow your muscles faster.

The avocado’s antioxidants also help keep your body fit.



Other foods can make your butt bigger, but we will end this list with a surprise – spinach!

While this low-calorie food seems the most unlikely to get you thicker, it does come with a naturally-occurring steroid called ecdysterone.

This steroid helps you gain more muscle mass faster. However, you shouldn’t seek it as a separate supplement. Take it the way nature gives it to you!

Now that you know some of the best-known and most accessible foods that can make your butt bigger, check your pantry.

Look inside your refrigerator. Do you have these foods in there? Start planning your meals if you do. If not, then it is time for a grocery run. However, do not forget to back your healthy meals with a healthy exercise regimen.

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