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Ghostbed Vs Purple (Head to Head Comparison) Key Feature Image

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Are you in need of a new mattress?

You have a specific budget and you want the best there is out there for your money?

Fear not, cause we have at least two of the best-reviewed right here. The Ghostbed and Purple mattresses!

Buying a mattress can be stressful.

It is not a short-termed decision, and you usually have too many options or no options at all.

Since this is a time of fast-developing technologies and online orders, it has never been easier to find something that meets your needs.

However, it can be a double-edged sword.

In this review, we’ll try to avoid confusing you, and we’ll focus on the features that you might find relevant.


The Mattresses At A Glance


Purple and Ghostbed are both well-recognized brands that sell online.

They are both extremely popular and have a good base of consumers.

In a nutshell- Purple is innovative and offers distinctive comfort, while Ghostbed has a more traditional design and feel.

Nevertheless, they both have characteristics that can make them stand out and become your next order.


Let’s start off with the pros


  • Unique technology (Hyper-Elastic Polymer), this is Purple’s signature material
  • Minimal motion transfer, enabled by their discovery, it also improves resilience and reduces noise
  • 100 days long trial period and 10-year warranty


  • Gel memory foam, used as a second layer. It helps with cooling, pressure release, and contouring
  • Good edge support, Ghostbed showed impressing results at this category
  • 101 day long trial period and a 20-year warranty, which is two times more than Purple’s


The Cons


  • Poor edge support- as already mentioned, there isn’t enough compression on the edges of Purple mattresses
  • Not available in twin size- even though it comes in twin XL, not having twin size has its downsides
  • Extra shipping costs- unfortunately, if you don’t live in the USA, you have to pay an additional delivery fee, which is predetermined by the territory.


  • Limited firmness- as most of the mattresses Ghostbed comes in one firm level which is slightly firmer than average
  • It’s heavy and difficult to move, those really thick layers of foam and 11 inches

Parameters Testing



Both Purple and the Ghostbed are made of three layers.

The main difference is that the Ghostbed is the full foamed mattress and Purple has it uniquely developed Hyper-elastic Polymer.

The second layer of Ghostbed consists of gel memory foam (liquid gel dispersed trough foam) that enhances cooling, compression, and contour.

In case you are interested in the detailed construction of these mattresses, here is an overview:


Purple Sturdiness

First layer-  2 inches of Hyper-elastic Polymer, it is actually a large array of small squares

Second layer- 3,5 inches of highly-dense polyfoam

The third layer- also called the base layer, 4 inches of support polyfoam


Ghostbed Sturdiness

First layer- 1,5 inches of aerated latex foam

Second layer- 2 inches of gel memory foam that cools

Third layer- 7,5 inches of  support foam (this helps edge support)

Whichever you choose- give a nice and balanced feel of comfort. Durability couldn’t be measured since both companies are relatively new, but considering that the warranty length for Ghostbed is 20 years, it is obvious that the guarantee for your sleep on this mattress is at least 10 years longer than with Purple.


Motion Isolation

Purple has almost instant response thanks to their Hyper-Elastic Polymer.

Purple Motion Isolation

That gives their mattresses better resilience and bounciness, which provides excellent motion isolation.

Don’t need to worry if you share a bed.

Even if you are a light sleeper, Purple prevents you from feeling any movement from your partner.

Ghostbed Motion Isolation

On the other hand, the Ghostbed is quite good, but not quite to the level of the Purple.



As most of the ‘’bed in a box’’ products, Purple doesn’t lack the smell when it arrives.

These unpleasant and unharmful scents usually disappear quickly and you don’t need to worry about it.

It can take more time for the smell to go away if you keep your mattress in a really warm room.

We recommend that you keep it in a place with proper air-flow at least for a day or two.

There shouldn’t be any problems afterward.

Unlike other foam mattresses, Ghostbed emits little to no odor, making it much better for sensitive people.



The Purple mattress can help you improve spinal alignment.

Purple Comfort

These mattresses target pressure relief on your back and on your neck.

They are known to respond exceptionally well to pressure and they quickly regain shape.

Ghostbed Comfort

On the other hand, Ghostbed is more focused on alleviating a fair amount of aches and pains.


Temperature Maintenance

Purple developed a combination of materials that is superb in temperature regulation.

Purple mattresses reach cooler temperatures thanks to Hyper-Elastic Polymer, while Ghostbed found a solution using gel memory foam as their second layer.

We can say that Ghostbed is temperature neutral mattress, and Purple is the temperature cooler one.


Edge Support

While all foam mattresses usually have weak edge support, Ghostbed shows surprisingly good results.

If you get close to the side, Ghosbed puts a pretty good amount of compression through the latex and memory foam layers.

Unlike Ghostbed, Purple mattresses have really weak edge support, and it is considered to be one of their greatest flaws.



Both of the mattresses basically reduce noise to a minimum, which means that they’re virtually silent while bearing weight.

Purple even went one step further, giving its hyper-elastic polymer additional non-toxic coating that prevents noise from tossing and turning.


Sex Quality

Purple has supremacy when it comes to this category.

Innovative top layer gives you a reliable and comfy feel and has a good influence on your sex activities.

Ghostbed is not that far behind, but it still has a slower response, and it’s less bouncy.


Weight And Sleep Positions


As most of the mattresses, Purple and Ghostbed, can handle different loads.

Since Ghostbed has a slower response, it can be better for providing support for heavier sleepers, and it is suitable for multiple positions.

Purple mattress is good for back and side sleepers, but over-weighted people might not find it comfortable enough.



Neither Purple nor Ghostbed are good for overweight people. They are best recommended for average body types, but they proved to be good for light-weighted sleepers too.

Even though they try to make up for this first category by making hybrid models, we would recommend you to explore more options if you consider yourself overweight.


Sleeping Position Support

Thick and dense layers of Ghostbed’s foam vs. dense and innovative combination of Purples mattress, both are good in pressure release, and they give a similar feel of body support.

They both compress proportionally to the pressure applied.

The biggest difference is found on the edges where Ghostbed performances are better.

Ghostbed has also had pretty good support thanks to the latex foam layer.

Purple is a great choice for those who sleep on their stomach and on their back, regardless of the weight.

Ghostbed is best suitable for the back and stomach sleepers who weigh over 130 pounds.


Where Should I Get Them?


Since they are both ‘bed in a box’ brands, the easiest way to get it is to order it online.

They are available on their websites and you can find them on Amazon or sometimes through other verified resellers.

While sure, you could get them in a few brick and mortar stores, there’s no reason to choose those over online avenues.


Final Words


If you have a problem finding the right amount of comfort in memory foam or you need a mattress to better disperse heat, Ghostbed and Purple cover those categories.

Purple will help you if you have sensitive pressure points, or if you sleep with a partner and you want to limit the movement you feel on the bed.

Ghostbed is your mattress if you experience chronic aches and pains, and it has a good price compared to other mixed foam mattresses that include latex.

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