Helix Mattress Review


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We have all experienced a night of bad sleep once or twice in our lives and we have all seen what a bad influence that can have on our health, productivity and general satisfaction.

It is obvious why it is very important to choose a good mattress that suits you perfectly.

That is where Helix comes in. Helix is a mattress company well known for the variety of mattresses it has.

Whatever it is that you are looking for in a mattress, Helix will have something for you.

No matter how picky or peculiar you are, one of Helix’s models will surely be what you are looking for.

Another thing Helix is renown for is “Helix Dynamic Foam,” a better alternative to memory foam.

All of this information can be a bit overwhelming and that is why, in this review, we will cover all the different models and their pros and cons, as well as how you may purchase one of Helix’s amazing products.

They all come with a ten or fifteen-year warranty.

 2 Minute Summary


The first group of Helix mattresses Includes Helix Sunset, Helix Twilight and Helix Midnight. These three hybrids are composed of three main components.

The first component is a 2.5 PCF memory foam comfort layer, made to cradle your body and bring you the comfort you need to have a good night’s rest.

The second layer is the high-density polyfoam transitional layer, which essentially functions as a cushion, holding everything together and preserve the warmth.

The third layer is a pocketed coil support core with high-density foam, designed to offer additional support to the body, reduce the sound of movements and absorb the force of those movements, as well as preserve the shape and strength of the mattress.

This group of mattresses come with dual-sided polyester covers.

Alternatively, you can opt to change the brand’s standard cover with their UltraCool ones, giving better temperature regulation.

Each one is 10 inches thick and comes with a different firmness.

Sunset being the softest, Midnight coming right after and Twilight being the firmest.

The second group of models differs from the first based on the PCF, this time being 2.45 and made from “Helix Dynamic Foam,” a mix of polyester and synthetic latex.

These also come in different levels of firmness Helix Moonlight being the least firm, Helix Dusk is the second firmest and Helix Dawn is the firmest.

This group is designed for more restless sleepers, as the Helix Dynamic Foam is much more pleasant to move on.

On top of that, all of these hybrids come in LUXE models.

They come with a built-in pillow layer for extra comfort and a gel memory foam layer. Each of these models come at a firmness corresponding to their regular models.

On top of that, they have a guarantee that lasts for five years longer. These mattresses come at a more steep price but offer a more pleasant and luxurious feeling when resting upon them.

The additional layer adds another level of comfort to the already dreamlike mattress that is the Helix.

Three special models are also available.

The Helix Nightfall is specially designed to accommodate for larger individuals.

It comes equipped with comfort layers of 3.75 PCF Helix Dynamic Foam and 4.0 PCF memory foam, along with the rest of the standard components such as the pocketed support coil core, the high-density foam base layer and a dual-sided polyester cover.

It measures 12 inches thick and is considered “Medium Firm,” it’s edge support is far superior to that of the other models and can take far more stress before getting damaged.

The Helix Dual Balanced is a 10-inch dual-firmness mattress made for couples with different firmness preferences, one side being “Firm” and the other being “Soft”.

This model’s main upside is that it offers equal comfort to both people, even though their preferences differ.

The Helix Dual Extra is fairly similar to the Dual Balanced, the only difference being that the memory foam comfort layer is replaced by 2.45 PCF Helix Dynamic Foam, making it more suitable to smaller couples and allowing for it to be transported more easily.

Parameters Testing



The regular models have a lifespan of 6 to 7 years, while the LUXE models can remain at peak performance for up to 8 years, proving them to be equals to far more expensive mattresses.


The few years you might use them for will make them well worth the money.


Motion Isolation

These mattresses are designed for peaceful sleep even with a partner, especially the Nightfall model.

Motion Isolation

The way they are designed makes the bed almost completely silent, with people reporting that they did not feel or hear their partner getting off of their bed even when they were awake.

Other than a few squeaks and creaks, movement is hardly detectable.


Edge Support

The coil layer and the foam reduce the sinkage and reduce the strain on the frame of your new Helix bed.

This is especially true with the nightfall model, being seemingly unchanged even after heavy usage by large individuals.

Edge Support

At times it would seem that the durability of the more bulky models, such as the aforementioned nightfall, is endless.


Sex Quality

Most models will be excellent for you if you are looking for a comfortable and cozy feel while indulging in sexual activity.

If you are looking for a more bouncy experience, very few of the Helix models will suit you.

The Dual models are the most suited for this, having two sides of different firmnesses so you can experiment with different backings, as sometimes you might want a less bouncy experience.

But again, this comes down to your preference.

It is hard to compare different mattresses as user experiences differ wildly, but I believe that it is safe to say that Helix performs fairly well in every category, which is not surprising since so many models are available.

It is hard to pinpoint what the mattress lacks since Helix mattresses are very different from one another.

What most people agree upon, and some swear upon is that Helix is the best mattress for side sleepers.

On top of all of that, it has excellent weight distribution and is made from high-quality materials, and the designs are as aesthetically pleasing as they are comfortable.



Other than the few occasional creaks and squeaks, the bed is fairly silent.

Within this price range, you will find a few mattresses this silent.


Off Gassing

While off-gassing is a possible occurrence, the odor is not strong nor persistent and clears out in a matter of days.

This, however, is an occurrence no matter what mattress we are talking about.


Temperature Maintenance

The models with additional memory foam layers are not as cool as other models, but the air circulation through the coils keeps the mattress at a reasonable temperature.

As an addition to purchasing the mattress, you can get the UltraCool cover that will help with maintaining adequate temperatures.



Every single one of the models was reported to be extremely comfortable, some being almost cloud-like even to people that weigh more than 230 pounds, with some designed particularly with certain sleeping positions in mind.


Its multiple layers are excellent for providing support to every body part equally and consistently, making back or shoulder pains a highly unlikely occurrence.

We all know how important quality rest is to our health, mood, and productivity.


Sleeping Positions

The Helix mattresses are quite firm, despite the foam.

While there are two sides to it, both of those sides are very firm.

You’ll find that because of this, side sleepers have some trouble, as it doesn’t offer enough support to the hips and back.

On the other hand, it should be practically heaven for stomach and back sleepers, due to the perfect mixture between conformity and firmness.


Weight Support

The Helix mattress is quite versatile when it comes to its weight support.

You’ll find that people of all weights can have a great dose of comfort on it.

With that being said, there are some complaints from heavier users.

The bed isn’t very prone to sinking, but it does happen.

This is, at least, unless you’re using the endless model, which practically doesn’t sink at all.

Helix Mattress Review Summary

What We Love About

  • The pros are many, first of which would be the variety at which you could find the mattresses. You can find the one that is just right for you based on not only your thickness and firmness preferences but your weight as well. The helix sleep mattress reviews confirm this, as varying groups of people give similar reviews to each mattress, showing that the models are doing a good job when it comes to their function. The reviews are mostly positive, showing that only a few mattresses are not suitable for certain sleeping positions, which is not the worst thing imaginable. The prices of these bed mattresses are quite affordable, with free shipping in the US on top of that.

What made us sad

  • The only cons of helix sleep mattresses are the fact that the sleep trial requires a 30 night break-in period and that most of these mattresses are very heavy and big, making them quite hard to move, but with the comfort and support it provides it is well worth it.


The Helix mattress has performed quite well in our testing, all in all, Helix mattresses all perform different tasks, so it’ll be easy to find one that suits your needs. With the abundance of different models, all with their own characteristics and settings, the Helix line is bound to be extremely successful in the future.
If one model isn’t working out for you, chances are, another one will be your dream pick. Don’t wait, simply go to the Helix website and pick your own today!

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Where Should I Get It

If your attention has peaked and you are interested in these products you will be happy to hear that this excellent piece of furniture is fairly easy to find.

They can not be found at third-party distributors such as Amazon.

They can only be purchased on the Helix website, or the single brick-and-mortar store Helix owns in New York, and the prices range from 525 dollars to 2,020 dollars, depending on what you are looking for. 

All in all, online is the much better option if you’re looking to buy the Helix mattress, as it’s far more convenient.

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