Layla Mattress Review

Layla Mattress Review

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Layla Mattresses have become a mainstay of the mattress world lately. If you’ve ever been shopping for a mattress, chances are you ran into one of these.

Have you ever wondered how good they really are?

Well, if you really care for the quality and stability of your sleep, then you probably have.

A mattress is one of the most important things to consider quality in. That is why we’re here, we bring you an unbiased Layla mattress review, so you can make the decision yourself!

In this review, we’ll look at the mattresses sturdiness, motion isolation, off-gassing, comfort, temperature maintenance, edge support, noise, as well as how good it is for having sex.

 2 Minute Summary


The Layla Mattress is made of flippable memory foam.

If you’re unsure what this means, it essentially means that the mattress won’t deform permanently from you laying on it.

Due to its flippable nature, you’ll be able to choose between a firm side and a softer side of the mattress.

Our Layla mattress review, backed up with customer reports, has found that the memory foam serves a great role in relieving the pressure off of some vital areas of the body.

For example, back and shoulder pain are often caused by having a bad mattress.

The Layla support system will cradle your shoulders and hips extremely well, giving excellent support to the areas that are usually difficult to maintain.

Because of the materials used in its construction, the Layla mattress promises sturdiness and longevity without breaking apart.

Because Layla uses copper to enhance its memory foam, this mattress will have a much cooler temperature than other memory foam beds, which can sometimes get quite hot.

The main advantage of this bed is its versatility.

If you’re new to purchasing mattresses, or maybe don’t know exactly what you’re going for, then the Layla mattress might just be your best bet.

Below you’ll find an analysis of everything else about the Layla mattress.

Every factor which could impact your decision has been carefully analyzed and run by customers, ensuring you get an unbiased view.

Parameters Testing



The sturdiness of the Layla mattress is quite impressive.


In our testing, it has proven to be on-par with even more expensive memory foam models. It’ll last between 6 and 8 years, presuming it’s getting used nightly.


Motion Isolation

When it comes to motion isolation, the Layla mattress is superb. You won’t even feel it if your partner gets off the bed at night.

Motion Isolation

Some have even reported having far fewer nightmares since they’ve been sleeping on it.


Edge Support

The edge support of this mattress is, admittedly, not the best.

While it isn’t straight up horrible, a known issue with memory foam mattresses is their poor edge support.

Edge Support

If you buy this mattress, beware you might notice some sinking around the edges of the bed.


Sex Quality

Now, this is a matter of preference. If all you’re looking for in a mattress when it comes to sex is to be comfortable, then the Layla mattress will be just up your alley.

Now, if you’d prefer a bouncy mattress to give that extra bit of oomph, then the Layla won’t be quite as good and you can have a look at Winkbed Mattress.



This is one of the best parts of the mattress, it is absolutely silent.

You won’t hear as much as a peep from the Layla mattress.


Off Gassing

While off-gassing is a possibility when it comes to this mattress, it’s highly unlikely to occur and is much more common among foam-exclusive mattresses than memory foam models.


Temperature Maintenance

The Layla mattress uses high-quality copper enhanced memory foam.

This means that it’ll trap heat much better than most mattresses.

With that being said, it’s around the average quality for a high-quality memory foam bed.



Sleeping on the Layla mattress has been described as “air-like,” it’s extremely comfortable, even for a memory foam mattress.

Due to the two sides to it, you can switch to the one that you find most comfortable for you instead of being locked into one.


Sleeping Positions

We’ve tested out the mattress across a sample of the back, stomach, and side sleepers.

All in all, the Layla has performed quite well in all of these categories. This comes to little surprise, given the mattresses versatility.

With that being said, it does have its better and worse points. We’ve found that the mattress fares best for back sleepers, because of the even weight distribution.

It’ll fare worst for side sleepers, albeit it still remains an excellent choice, especially among memory-foam mattresses.


Weight Support

The effectiveness of this mattress, like in most memory foam beds, will vary when it comes to the sleeper’s weight.

Weight Support

The Layla mattress offers superb performance and comfort when it comes to light and petite body types.

The mattress was designed for lighter individuals, so people that are a bit on the heavy side may have some trouble with it.

Like most other memory foam mattresses, when you put enough weight on it, it tends to cave in, and eventually deform.

This generally isn’t too significant, but it’s enough that we’d recommend you try out the mattress first before committing yourself to a purchase.

Layla Mattress Review Summary

What We Love About

  • The mattress has a flippable design, and the two firmness options feel like entirely different mattresses.
  • Layla uses close conforming technology in order to help relieve pain off of some of the bodies more sensitive areas.
  • It also isolates motion very well, so if you sleep with someone who moves a lot in their sleep, this might be a great mattress for you.
  • This mattress is quite cheap for its quality and even ships for free on U.S. soil.

What made us sad

  • It offers decent edge support, however, it isn’t precisely great.
  • There’s also a certain amount of off-gassing that occurs, though it isn’t very common.
  • The biggest con of this mattress is probably the mandatory, two-week long break-in period for sleep trial.


We finished our look at the Layla mattress feeling rather impressed. Its dual-cover design is rather genius, especially for people that have different sleeping preferences. This will be the ideal mid-budget mattress for you if you and your partner prefer different types of mattresses.
Furthermore, if you order online, you’ll get free shipping US-wide, as well as numerous deals and discounts to make the purchase cheaper.

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Where Should I Get It

The Layla mattress comes in multiple sizes, ranging from twin sized to king sized. Regardless of how big of a bed frame you’ve got, there’s a Layla mattress to fit in.

Unfortunately, this mattress is unavailable in all brick and mortar stores. This leaves online as the only option for obtaining a Layla mattress.

If you’re thinking about where to buy a Layla mattress, then check out their site or Amazon.

The prices will range from $599, for a twin-sized mattress, to $1099 for a king-sized one. Be aware though, that there are routine promotions, and it’s quite likely you’ll get a few bucks off if you just look for it.

If you’re getting this mattress, keep in mind online avenues are usually cheaper, as well as likely to contain deals and discounts.

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