Leesa Mattress Review

Leesa Mattress Review

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Recently, getting a mattress that’s both affordable and quality can be very difficult. Because of how financially demanding buying a mattress can be, many people have flocked to cheaper alternatives.


With people’s standards increasing, the market is getting swamped with models that cost a lot but simply aren’t worth the price tag. Fortunately, some companies have elected to stand up and bring forth both luxury and an affordable price into the industry.


The Leesa mattress offers what they say is a “medium” mattress, trying to fulfill the niche of being an entire midrange mattress. With a low price point and an excellent build, the Leesa is a true force to be reckoned with.


Because of that, we’ve rounded out the Leesa mattress features to give you a rounded view of how well this mattress performs when compared to its competition.

 2 Minute Summary

Let’s look at Leesa’s build, shall we? Its fundamental principle lies in trying to fit as many people well as possible. This means that the Leesa will generally underperform when it comes to extremes, such as very lightweight or heavyweight sleepers. Don’t let this ward you off, however, because the Leesa aims to offer supreme comfort to those in between these two categories.

The Leesa mattress is composed of three different foam layers. The upper layer, made for cooling and comfort, contains 1 and a half inch of gel-infused foam. It supports the body by relieving pressure points, while all the while cooling the body. The middle layer, also known as the support layer, contains 1 and a half inch of conventional foam. It gives the body support and maintains spinal alignment and proper body weight distribution. These layers together make the bed comfortable for light, average, and heavier sleepers. The last layer is the thick foundation layer that consists of 7 inches of dense foam. This helps maintain the mattress greatly and helps it stay put.

From an aesthetic point of view, the mattress has the standard two-color design. It consists of grey side panels and white fabric on top. The side panels consist out of 64 percent polypropylene and 36 percent polyfoam. The design serves to make the mattress look cleaner and gives off a nice touch.


Features Test



Leesa Mattress Sturdiness

The sturdiness of the Leesa mattress is quite good, it will give you at least 8-9 years of performance before kicking the bucket. You’ll find that while the construction is solid, sharp force tends to be able to damage it. Keep sharp objects away.

Motion Isolation

Leesa Mattress Motion Isolation

The motion isolation of the Leesa mattress is sublime. They use a whopping three layers of foam to ensure that the motion is transferred to a minimum amount. This is what makes the bed absolutely stunning if you have kids or a spouse. If you sleep together with someone, you know the pain of waking up in the middle of the night because they moved. The Leesa mattress has no such issues. No matter whether your partner is still, or having a rock concert on the bed, you won’t feel a thing. This has also been connected to more quality, less nightmare-prone sleep.

Edge Support

The edge support, if you care about it, is quite bad. This is a memory foam mattress, and while they generally have quite a poor edge support, due to the materials the Leesa is built out of, its edge support is bad even for a memory foam mattress.Leesa Edge Support


Sex Quality

While the Leesa mattress isn’t very bouncy, it is still a great pick for couples. This is because of its middle-centered construction, meaning that it is made to bring the greatest comfort to you and your partner alike. While this is a matter of personal preference, most people like a bouncy mattress when it comes to having sex. If you don’t, then the Leesa is probably right up your alley!



Due to being made completely out of memory foam, the Leesa is silent. While other mattresses, especially those with innersprings, will make noise, the Leesa makes sure that you don’t hear a peep.


Off Gassing

There is some off-gassing when it comes to the Leesa mattress, but it actually isn’t very much. Due to how ecologically conscious the company is, you should find that any gasses are dissipating after only a few days of purchase. This is great in case you’ve got a sensitive nose or are quite afraid of global warming.


Temperature Maintenance

While it’s possible for the Leesa to overheat, it will do that much less than most of its competition. The in-built cooling really saves this mattress in that regard. You’ll find that even in really hot environments, it doesn’t get as hot as its competition.



As we’ve discussed before, the comfort of the Leesa mattress is its most outstanding feature. It was designed to be made the most comfortable it can be to the vast majority of sleepers. Keep in mind that if you’re on the extremes, you’ll find it rather uncomfortable. A heavier person will sink, and a lighter will float.

Leesa Comfort

Furthermore, the comfort provided by the mattress is exemplary. Even if you’ve got issues with how you position your body or pains in your neck and back, the Leesa mattress has you covered. Due to its versatility, it’s also great for unorthodox sleep positions adopted by couples.


Sleeping Positions

We’ve covered the Leesa mattresses comfort, and sung its praises enough. With that being said, it can hardly be stressed enough just how comfortable this bed is. Though it does suffer from a few issues in the sleep position department. Stomach sleepers especially might find it to be rather uncomfortable. With some issues with sinking.

As stated on Leesa’s site, this mattress excels most when dealing with back sleepers.

Sleeping on your back, you’re letting the Leesa mattress support your back and neck to the maximum. Our testing supports this information, with the back sleepers reporting some of the best sleep they’ve had in a while.

Side sleepers will also find the Leesa mattress is quite up to their tastes. While it’s best suited for back sleepers, sleeping on your side still gives you sublime neck and back support.

Weight Support

We all know foam mattresses suck if you’re a bit heavier. The Leesa has endeavored to change this perception at least a little bit. The mattress will still be comfortable even if you’re a bit heavier, even though it won’t be anywhere near as good as a specialized, or innerspring mattress. With that being said, it really isn’t a good pick if you’re quite a bit heavier.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the Leesa was made with average people in mind. It’s designed to be the best possible bed for the average person. Generally, the Leesa won’t have too much trouble conforming itself to you, unless you’re either quite heavy or outright extremely light.

Where Should I Get It

It’s natural that this review makes you want to buy the Leesa mattress, after all, you’ve noticed in how many areas it excels.

It comes at quite a low price. 650 for a Twin bed, 700 for a Twin XL, 850 for a Full, 950 for a Queen Size and 1050 for the California King. As you can see, this quality isn’t very expensive.

Leesa does not own any brick-and-mortar stores. This means that you will have to buy a Leesa mattress online. You can buy them from third-party distributors, but we recommend against doing so.

Leesa offers free shipping in the US, and it comes with no risk of scamming or getting a damaged package.

Additionally, Leesa gives you a free trial of a hundred nights. We want to make sure that you are comfortable with your choice.

If you are still interested in buying the product, visit their website.

Leesa Mattress Review Summary

What We Love About

  • The biggest pro of the Leesa mattress is the comfort. It was made with practicality in mind, so you’ll find that most of the customization options have been sacrificed for this.
  • One of the best things about this mattress is that it won’t leave firm-lovers or soft-lovers slighted because it finds a happy medium between these two extremes.
  • Combined with the excellent back and neck support, this mattress is rarely matched in its price range.

What made us sad

  • Consider customization nonexistent.
  • Mattress is very heavily leaning on the average-sized sleeper. If you’re very light, you’ll find that it leaves you with the “floating” feeling lots of customers get.
  • If you’re a bit heavier, you might sink into it.
  • While the cooling is excellent, if you’re a bit on the heavier side, then you might still have issues with heating.


The Leesa mattress lives up to its reputation, as long as you don’t care too much about edge support, and aren’t very heavy or light, this is an excellent mattress for you. While the edge support is a bit lacking, and it sinks sometimes. Besides that, it’s excellent, sure, it might not have the longest lifespan ever, but it does provide you with something extremely valuable-excellent sleep, night after night.

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