Lull Mattress Review


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These days, it is becoming more and more difficult to find a mattress that will not break the bank.

The trends become crazier, market floods with luxurious models that aren’t worth it. Luckily for you, there are still some companies that value comfort over luxury.

The Lull mattress is an excellent choice when you are trying to find a good mattress for a below-average price. Or, if you like to have a good night’s rest in a comfortable bed.

It seems to be a plain mattress, but there is more to it than that. This review will give you information on the quality of the mattress, how it performs and where you can get one.

 2 Minute Summary


The Lull mattress is, as I have stated before, plain-looking. It has an average firmness and thickness.

It should give excellent comforting with minimal sinking. This fact makes it perfect for people that suffer from neck or back problems.

It is also a good choice for couples as it makes little to no noise and has excellent motion isolation.

Three layers make up the mattress.

Lull Construction

The top layer, for cooling and comfort, consists out of 1 ½ inch of gel-infused foam. It supports the body by relieving pressure points, while also cooling the body.

The middle layer, also known as the support layer, consists out of 1 ½ inch of conventional foam. It works to further support the body while maintaining proper spinal alignment. As a matter of fact, it even maintains proper weight distribution. The two layers together make the bed comfortable for all sleeper categories.

The last layer is the thick foundation layer that consists of 7 inches of dense foam. It serves to keep the mattresses form and provides extra support to the body.

On top of it all, the mattress comes with the Lull Cover. This may not seem like an important part of the mattress, but it might be. Made from a mixture of polyester and rayon, it offers a soft feel and bonus comfort. It is very elastic and very easy to keep clean.

From an aesthetic perspective, the mattress is standard. The two-color design, with grey side panels and white fabric on top. The side panels consist out of 64 percent polypropylene and 36 percent polyfoam. The design on them makes the mattress look cleaner and make for a nice touch.

Parameters Testing


The durability of Lull mattresses is not something to brag about, but it is not lacking either. It has a life-span of around six years, which is on par with other, more expensive, foam mattresses.

Lull Mattress Sturdiness

With that being said, it is a bit more under average, meaning that this mattresses sturdiness is a bit under most of its competition.


Motion Isolation

This is one of the strongest points of the Lull mattresses. They use two layers of foam to reduce the transfer of motion. This makes the bed suitable for couples. No matter what your partner does, it will not inhibit your sleep.

This also makes them an excellent choice for light sleepers. Motion isolation offers minimized chances of waking up.

Several Lull reviews have also reported fewer nightmares. Clients generally report more pleasant sleep ever since they purchased the mattress.



As with all mattresses, off-gassing is natural when the mattress is first bought. Although, due to the fact that this is a foam mattress, the unpleasant smell dissipates in a matter of days.



Another one of the stronger points of the Lull mattress is the comfort it provides. The design of the mattress makes it comfortable for most sleepers.

No matter the weight, you are sure to find this bed comfortable to a certain extent. This is especially true for people with body positioning, back, neck or hip problems.

If we are talking about couples, they will find this bed to be superb. It allows for a lot of motion that will not inhibit the sleep of your partner.

It will be a generally comfortable mattress for sleeping in weird positions.


Sex Quality

Like many foam mattresses, the Lull is not very bouncy, which may be off-putting to many people. This comes down to your personal preference.

If you do not mind the lack of bounciness, Lull is right for you. Or, if it is something that you are looking for in a mattress, then Lull is perfect for you.


Temperature Neutrality

This bed can sleep hot for some. Generally, it is better than its competitors when it comes to temperature neutrality.

The gel-infused layer and breathable cover make it a pretty cool mattress.


Edge Support

As it is usually the case with foam mattresses, the Lull has poor edge support.

Lull Mattress Edge Support

That means it is prone to premature sinkage at the edges where people tend to sit. While it is not horrible, it is definitely sub-par.



The Lull makes almost no noise, no matter what you do on it. This is its strongest point, as you may never find another mattress as silent as the Lull.


Weight Support


When it comes to larger individuals, this mattress has trouble performing well. It is still comfortable, but not as much as it should be.

The small thickness does not work to its advantage either. It only makes it even more unsuitable for large people.

This, though, we can say for any foam mattress or any other 10-inch mattress.

This bed mattress came to the market with average-weighted people in mind. And when it comes to them, its performance is fantastic. Offering the perfect amount of support where it needs to be.

Lighter individuals might find trouble “sinking into” the mattress. Also, they might end up having trouble adjusting the body to the mattress itself. This often ends up feeling like you are sleeping on concrete.

This is not to say that lighter or larger people should not buy this mattress, quite the contrary. The mattress is tall enough for lighter people to lie on it. It is tall enough for heavier people to not sink into it.


Sleeping Position Support


This review has covered the general comfort of this bed to a great extent. Still, there are things to keep in mind when purchasing it about the way you sleep.

Many Lull mattress complaints came about how uncomfortable sleeping on your stomach is. But, this came from people that weigh less than 130 pounds.

Side sleepers have found the bed to be absolute perfection. Reviews show the right amount of sinking.

Lull Mattress Sleeping Positions

Where this mattress shines the most is with back-sleepers. That is when the full effect of its supports system comes to shine, and its support is the best.

Surveys showed that sleeping on your back gives the most comfortable with this mattress. Your weight or build doesn’t matter.

On top of that, some reviewers even stated that it was the best sleep they got in a long time.

To summarise. The Lull is best suited for those that like medium-firm mattresses. People who have problems with their back will find it delightful.

It is also well suited for couples. People of varying weights can be comfortable while sleeping on it.

Although it is best suited for individuals weighing between 130 and 230 pounds. It performs well when it comes to most of its features.

Its weakest point is the edge support, as it is very prone to premature sinking.


Where Should I Buy It?


If you have read this review with great care, which I am sure you have, you are thinking about it now. If you decided to buy a Lull mattress, the following would make you happy. They come at pretty low prices.

To emphasize, you will very rarely find something of such high quality at such a low price tag.

Lull does not own any brick-and-mortar stores, which means that you will have to buy a Lull mattress online

Lull offers free shipping in the US, and it comes with no risk of scamming or getting a damaged package. Additionally, Lull gives you a hundred nights free trial. They want you to be sure that you are comfortable with your choice.

Lull Mattress Review Summary

What We Love About

  • The mattress offers excellent comfort, well above average. It also has great cooling, offering excellent sleep in even the warmest of nights. It gives outstanding body support as well. All this is yours for a below-average price made even cheaper by the free shipping in the US.

What made us sad

  • The Lull mattress is very limited when it comes to firmness options. Its edge support is not the best, and some reviews on Lull mattresses reported them to be too hot for large people.


The Lull mattress comes at a very affordable price for its quality. With a 100 day free trial and free shipping US-wide, there’s little reason to pass up on the opportunity to order this mattress online.If you’re a slightly underweight stomach sleeper, you might want to get a different mattress, as the Lull underperforms in those circumstances. Ideally, you’d weigh between 130 and 230 pounds. If that’s you, and you’re looking for the mattress of a lifetime, then the Lull mattress is for you!

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