Marcy Diamond MD-9010G Elite Smith Cage Review

Marcy Diamond MD-9010G Elite Smith Cage Review

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You are probably one of those people who do not like the feel of a public gym to attain personal body fitness.

So, your search for the ideal indoors gym or home gym equipment that has all the features you will find in the public gym begins.

You do not have to search very far – In comes the Marcy Diamond MD-9010g elite smith cage system.

Unlike the conventional gym equipment, which only focuses on specific parts of your body, the Smith Cage system is a system designed to cater to the fitness needs of the entire body.

Smith Cage system provides quite a long list of available exercises. Typical activities include triceps, biceps, abs, legs, and so on.

The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage is arguably one of the biggest and the best cage produced.

It is a gym equipment that can be easily installed in the home or office.

Marcy Diamond Smith Cage

With the durable and functional structure of this cage machine, its price makes it an ideal option for anyone intent on sticking to a budget plan.

Its cost is around $1500, which makes it a high-end product of great value.

With this machine, you can carry out a good number of body-strengthening exercises; over a hundred plus.

It guarantees your entire body muscles are effectively toned and conditioned to give you your desired posture.

When fully assembled, the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith cage has dimensions of 95 x 79 x 86 inches, weighing about 430 pounds, with a total weight limit of 600 pounds.

It comes with a rack and other body attachments made from high-quality tubular steel and chrome.

The high-quality steel makes it durable and capable of carrying obese people with relative ease.

MD-9010G Elite Smith Cage

The rack comprises a weight bench, butterfly designed press arms, Olympics free weight, a dual-action leg developer that is in six parts.

It also has a multi-function pulleys system, a squat rack, and other necessary attachments needed for an effective body workout regime.

Beginners and professionals alike can easily make use of the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith cage. But, when purchasing this equipment, you will have to buy the Olympics weights separate from the machine as well as a Smith bar affinity.

Floor mats have to be purchased when you want to make use of the cage system in certain positions, as well.

There are certain drawbacks to the Marcy Diamond elite Smith cage system, though. For starters, it does not exercise other core muscles of the body.

The clause that you have to spend extra to buy the Olympics weigh is another drawback for this machine. You would also have to get floor mats.

We would thoroughly review the Marcy MD-9010G Diamond Elite Smith cage system later.

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: 95″ H x 79″ W x 86
  • Color: Chrome/Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Product weight: 430 pounds
  • Weight limit: 600 pounds
  • Pulley systems and butterfly arms
  • An adjustable bench with a cushioned leg developer
  • Squatting rack

Key Features

As stated earlier, the Marcy Diamond Elite Cage system is the ideal equipment for your indoors bodybuilding and toning exercises.

It has a lot of versatile functions and supports most of the workouts that make use of Olympics weights.

Along with these are other features which we will discuss below:

  • Dual Function Leg Developer: This is one of the essential elements of the Marcy Diamond Elite cage system. This feature allows you to work on your body quads, flutes as well as the hamstrings. The leg developer has a focal point that helps to focus your workout on the toning of the leg muscles. However, the leg developer does not allow you to carry out leg pressing, but it does work exceptionally well for squatting exercises.
  • Preacher Curl: The preacher curl, which is more of an attached part of the Smith system, gives the user the capability of performing bicep curls. The combination of biceps workout alongside the developing of the leg muscles makes it a very efficient machine.
  • Crossover cables: The crossover cables that come with the machine are used to achieve a complete workout on the pectoral regions of the body. These cables, which are two in number, lie just above and on either side of the leg developer. With the help of footplates, the user can enjoy a good workout. Crossover cables also come that are made up of tension rods and free Olympics weights.
  • Smith Machine: The Smith machine is the main feature of the Marcy Diamond Smith cage system. This very significant feature of the device allows the user to perform several compound exercises. These compound exercises include bench presses, squatting drills, and overhead presses.

The Smith machine allows the user to use the device without the need for a helper. This feature is what makes this machine the perfect equipment for your indoor body workout.

  • Included attachments: The Marcy Diamond Elite system comes with several accessories included in the package upon purchase. These attachments make your workouts very easy and enjoyable.

The included attachments are Lat bar, shiver bar, and a chrome bar handle.

Other accessories include triceps rope, ankle strap, a diamond plate foot brace, and two single row handles.

  • Machine frame construction and material: High-quality steel and chrome materials are used to make the device. The steel frame is made sturdier and durable with powder-coated The cable used is the one used in aircraft’s which have a tensile strength of 2,000lb. The cable enables the machine to put up with the pressure of intensive usage over long periods.

Fitted into the machine are linear bearings which are sealed and ensure the workout is extremely safe.

The device ensures safety by making the pulleys system better.

The body build is made up of 1-inch chrome rods for guidance, sealed ball bearings mentioned earlier, and a pulleys system.

It comprises a safety catch, a commercial-grade bar as well as a sliding track that makes mobility very easy.

  • Pectoral fly station: There is a pectoral fly station that is cabled routed for focusing on exercises meant to work on the muscles of the chest region.
  • Multi functionary press arms: The Marcy Diamond Elite system comes with press arms that perform several functions. These arms account for its versatility. The cage assembled has dimensions of 70 L x 83 W x 86 H Inches while the bench assembled dimensions at 75 L x 28.5 W x 47 H Inches.
  • Olympic weights storage rack: The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith cage system comes with a frame where you can easily store, organize, and access your weights. There are six in number.

The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine is a piece of perfect gym equipment useful for getting all areas of your body worked on.

With this machine, you get a well-rounded fitness regime.

Marcy Diamond 9010G

We would give you a tip: make use of the rack to carry out compound exercises like squats, and the benches begin your body workouts.

Upon doing 3-10 sets of the mentioned motions, you can switch to other accessories that come with the system to work on the body’s smaller muscles like the triceps and biceps, as well as the shoulders.

The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith cage system MD9010G

The Marcy Diamond MD 9010G helps the user to perform over 100 body strengthening exercises in the comfort of the home or office.

This versatility is because the MD-9010G successfully combines the functions of 3 types of machines used in building body strength.

You can also perform sports-specific motions with the unique crossover pulley cable system.

Marcy Diamond MD-9010G Elite Smith Cage

The Marcy Diamond elite Smith system has several features that make it popular among body strengthening enthusiasts. The features include:

  • An adjustable bench used for bench presses as well as incline and decline motions
  • It possesses a footplate used in rowing as well as a low pulley system
  • The guide rails system comes with a Smith bar
  • Has pectoral and deltoid stations
  • Has a customizable bar
  • It has a preacher curl pad
  • The leg station is dual functional
  • Six pegs for storage of Olympics weigh plates is attached
  • The machine body parts are made from high-quality steel and chrome
  • The double cross over pulleys are high
  • There is a row handle in the leg station

Exercises you can do on the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage MD9010g


Arm exercises

Abdominal exercises

Back exercises

Chest exercises

Leg exercises

Shoulder exercises

1. Bicep curls Cable crunches Aerobic rowing Chest press exercise Leg/ hip extensions Shoulder presses
2. Triceps extensions Cable twist crunches Kneeling rowing Pullovers Lunges Lateral arm pulls

Close-grip pulldowns

Seated trunk rotations Back presses Chest flies squats Upright rows

Accessories that accompany the Marcy Diamond Elite MD-9010G

The rack of the Marcy MD-9010G has a frame with an adjustable bodyweight. This adjustable body weight is used for upper body muscle toning.

Like the adjustable bench press used for inclined or declined motions. You can also carry out lower body workout by attaching a well-cushioned leg developer.

You also have crossover cables for your chest and shoulder workouts. The machine’s interior has butterfly chest arms.

The essential accessory of the Marcy Diamond Elite MD-9010G is the barbell.

You can use the barbell when carrying out workout positions that involve squatting as well as other compound motions.

Assemblage and Maintenance of the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Machine

The assembling of the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage is a long, tedious process. It could take a lot of time to set up even though it is not that difficult.

To make it easier, you should have someone alongside you during the setting up. The assembling instructions are quite evident in the manual provided, and you will need a couple of work tools.

Amazingly, the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith machine does not require a lot of maintenance.

To keep it in top condition, all you need do is occasionally wipe down the body parts with standard cleaning agents.

You can also maintain the machine parts and attachments by periodic use of the machine.

You also have a warranty of 2 years on the product, which sufficiently covers any issue that may arise when making use of the device.

Marcy Diamond Elite Smith MD-9010G Review Summary

What We Love About

  • Good value for money with a price under $1500.
  • The machine is very durable because the chrome and high-quality steel are the materials used to produce the machine parts.
  • The safety features such as the sealed up linear bearings, that come with the machine, make for a safe workout.
  • More than 100 exercises can be done using this cage system.
  • It is excellent when your workout involves the press or squatting positions.
  • Free weights are used instead of resistance levers
  • You can carry out pectoral exercises with ease via the crossover cables
  • Easy to make use of
  • Body workouts of the shoulders, chest, and arms are achieved with the high and low pulleys system that accompanies the machine.
  • The machine bench is versatile as it aids in developing your legs and biceps.

What made us sad

  • The bodybuilding weights have to purchased separately from the machine.
  • Assembling of the machine takes up a lot of time.
  • The machine bench cannot be moved about easily.


The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith MD-9010G is the ideal choice for anyone interested in weight lifting. With the dual-foamed leg developer, pulleys, preacher curl, and an excellent durable body frame, you are in for a good ride.

An essential feature that the Marcy Diamond elite Smith system possesses is the Smith bar. The Smith bar is a prominent safety feature as it allows the user to lock in the bar even in the middleman a workout regime. It is a high-end product for an affordable price. It makes it good value for your money.

The best place to purchase the Marcy Diamond elite Smith cage is from the marketing platform – Amazon. They offer it at the lowest price you can think of with the incentive of free shipping. Therefore, you do not have to bear that extra shipping cost.

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