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Nest bedding is one of the most popular bed making companies. They are based in California, and in the last few years, they have produced one of the highest-rated hybrid mattresses, today we’ll be taking a critical look at some of the best nest mattresses out there.


They were one of the first sellers that were oriented directly to the consumer. Nest bedding’s affordable prices and unparalleled comfort has immediately distinguished them on the market. They started as an offline store, from 2011, they started full production and online selling and succeeded in standing out with quality models and satisfied customers.

 2 Minute Summary

As one of the first companies to sell ”bed in a box” mattresses, Nest bedding is known for a unique approach to its buyers. They combined different materials and techniques to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional foam mattresses. They work hard on exploring new possibilities, whether it is for the structure or performance of their products.


These mattresses have three firmness options. They also have six different beds in total. There are two main series: Alexander Hybrid and Alexander Signature. Apart from them, there are Love&Sleep, Alexander Lyxor Hybrid Contour, Alexander Hybrid Latex, and Alexander Latex Mattress. They all use a different blend of material, and most of them are well rated by the customers.

Features Test


Nest bedding mattresses are 13 inches thick, and they have at least three layers.

Nest Mattress Sturdiness

The first layer- it is made of a cotton and polyester blend. It is covered with thermal phase change and cooling fabric built into it.

Second- support layer, this layer helps the air move through the mattress. It is actually a memory foam layer infused with cooling gel.

Third layer and the fourth layer- the transitional layer, and a base that has SmartFlow airflow, and very thick base foam.

These mattresses are very sturdy, with great support, thanks to their design. Nest Bedding is one of the few companies that give a life long warranty, and focuses on organic products; however, those mattresses are significantly more expensive because of the costs of the materials. Despite the lifetime warranty, the average lifespan of the mattresses is 6-8 years.

Motion Isolation

All of the Alexander series has a dense feel to them and almost no sagging. They are quite responsive, and you won’t feel stuck.

These mattresses have decent motion isolation in general. They do a more than acceptable job of keeping the movement to a minimum.


Edge Support

Weak edge support is a flaw that is characteristic of non-hybrid Alexander mattresses. The hybrids, on the other hand, have proper edge support. Additional support is provided by additional layers made from sturdier materials.

All in all, the edge support is much better than a traditional memory foam mattress.

Sex Quality

The hybrid series have an absolute advantage here since they have above-average bounce, which is often preferred for sex. The other models have a decent performance, but there are still several people who can find them inadequate for this kind of activity.



Signature mattresses are usually silent. Hybrid mattresses are reported to produce some noise. The sound usually comes from the fact that there is a different combination of layers than in most of the standard mattresses.

Hybrid mattresses can produce creaks and squeaks, but all in all, they do a decent job on reducing noise.


Off Gassing

The company gives great effort to produce mattresses with minimal off-gassing. If there is a little scent, it’s fully dissipated within the first 24 hours. This makes the mattress ideal for people that have allergies or a sensitive nose.

Temperature Maintenance

Temperature regulation has traditionally been a problem with foam mattresses. Nest Bedding solved this issue with a few techniques.

First of all, there is a top layer that is infused with thermo-regulating gel. This gel helps to dissipate body heat faster. The medium mattress has a highly breathable, stretchy fabric. The other models have a more simple cover, but it is thin enough to allow contact with the cooling gel-infused layer. Also, there is a layer with SmartFlow technology, which contains air pockets.


Alexander Hybrid mattresses perform well for pain and pressure relief. Alexander Signature, on the other hand, improves spinal alignment.

Nest mattresses, in general, have good body conformance without a stuck feeling. Also, they offer a triple choice of firmness – soft, firm, and medium. This means that softer varieties of the models will tend to perform better than firmer ones.

A lot of people have found that they were able to sleep the whole night without pain and that they woke up rested.


Sleeping Positions


Nest Bedding mattresses provide great spine support. Most of the buyers said that they wake up without back pain in the morning. In addition, thanks to the pressure-relieving layers, your hips, shoulders, and other joints are also pain-free.

The firm version is considered as one of the most supportive mattresses available on the market, and it’s perfect for those who are looking for good back alignment. Even the medium and soft versions of the bed offer strong back support. These features help ease chronic pain and improve posture.


Weight Support


Even though they can handle all kinds of sleepers, most of the Nest Bedding mattresses are below average for heavy weighted people. They are perfect for average body shapes, and they have good feedback from light weighted individuals.  These mattresses have a good back support, so people who like sleeping on their back find them very enjoyable.

Where Should I Get It


The easiest way to get your mattress is from Nest Bedding’s website directly. They have a very good and helpful customer service, so all your doubts and questions are answered shortly. Nest Bedding allows easy access to customer reviews posted there, including those that are negative. They also offer to finance, if you’d like to pay in increments instead of one bigger amount of money. This is exclusively an American company and the shipping in the USA is free.

Nest Mattress Review Summary

What We Love About

  • Multiple Models, Thickness, and Firmness Options, you have a wide choice of 3 firmness levels and six different models
  • Below-average price-points for all models, when you compare the quality of the performances with the same type of the mattresses, you will find that Alexander mattresses are a great deal!
  • Free shipping in the U.S.- mattress arrives compressed in a box generally in 1-5 business days
  • 101-Night Trial – they offer a full refund within the first 101 days of purchase

What made us sad

  • Non-Hybrid models have week edge support, as most of the foam mattresses there isn’t additional support on the sides
  • Models heavier than the average- depending on the firmness type and series that you choose, some Alexander models tend to weigh more.


All of the Nest Bedding models are comfortable, more natural than most, and they provide a great sleeping experience. A company with a good reputation and it offers a very good deal for a mattress of this quality. If you like foam mattress but you hate to sink in, we encourage you to order Signature models. Love and sleep is a good solution if you are on a budget. It is an all-foam mattress with a nice and neutral feel. Regardless of the model, it is really easy to make a purchase, and it has a more than three months trial period with a full money refund.

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