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When we say mattress toppers, we think on the individual layer of the bedding.  That layer is added to a sleep surface to provide extra cushioning.

Close conforming from the topper alleviates pressure points in sensitive areas of the body and helps the alignment of the spine.

Toppers are usually available in various thicknesses and typically perform for three to four years. Memory foam toppers are the most popular toppers because they are good at conforming and absorbing motion.

Purple mattress topper isn’t any of the toppers you’ll find.

The main reason for that is that its primary component isn’t memory foam. They are based on revolutionary discovery called Hyper-Elastic Polymer.

 2 Minute Summary


If you are looking for the most unique material in bed making, you are in the right place. Purple has developed one of the most brilliant bed features that have changed the industry.

Purple was founded by two brothers, a rocket scientist and a manufacturing expert. They started the company trough the kick-starter and soon won the market.

Today, Purple is worth a billion dollars, and the main reason for that is their hyper-elastic polymer, which is one of a kind material.

The hyper-elastic polymer is a gel material with foam construction in it, primarily used as a top layer on Purple’s mattresses, made slightly firmer than the medium.

The hyper-elastic polymer is CertiPur.US (R) certified, which means that it is made without heavy metals such as mercury, and without formaldehyde, etc.

Hyper-elastic Polymer is hypo allergic and recyclable. This material absorbs motion extremely well, and it has superior temperature regulation.


A purple mattress topper provides a significant layer of comfort.

It is thicker than a mattress pad and makes a mattress firmer or softer.


A mattress topper increases the height of a mattress.

Since we don’t sleep directly on the mattress, the effects of wear are significantly reduced.

Mattresses are not the only ones using Hyper-elastic Polymer. Two other products use it.

Those are Seat Cushion that has different models.

There is the Ultimate Cushion, which is the most popular one, Royal Cushion, Double Cushion, Simply Cushion, Portable Cushion, and Everywhere Cushion.

The other innovation from Purple is the dog beds.


Motion Isolation

Purple mattress topper absorbs motion quickly.

If your partner doesn’t sleep peacefully, it will cause little to no disruption.

Motion Isolation

The hyper-elastic polymer is designed for minimal motion transfer and it provides good and undisturbed sleep.



After unpacking the topper, there should be a smell.

These smells disappear quickly, and they are not toxic. It is usually the natural scent of the new and unpacked product.

Anyhow,  you can always speed up that process by putting the topper outside, or you can just put it in the room with good airflow.



The hyper-elastic polymer is a material that provides an additional layer of support and comfort. It is a top layer laid out in a grid format.


That means that there hundreds of little pockets for air to flow through them.

This enhances cooling, cushioning, and total support for the whole body.


Temperature Maintenance

Like most of the mattress toppers, Purple topper is well ventilated. It doesn’t retain heat, and it’s very resilient.

Ventilations trough the topper ensures a consistent airflow.

Purple mattress topper is ideal for those who like sleeping cool.


Edge Support

Since the toppers follow the construction of the mattress, it is safe to say that Purple doesn’t have much influence on this matter.

It is well known that edge support is not one of the Purple mattress’s strongest points.



This particular mattress has a light powder coating made of non-toxic powder.

This powdering material helps to minimize noises that the polymer could create.

The topper is an additional choice if your mattress makes noise when you toss or turn. In these situations, you’d want something to buffer the noise.


Sex Quality

The hyper-elastic polymer is very bouncy, which makes him ideal for sex.

The surface of the mattress is even, and the topper increases responsiveness and resilience. All this combined should have a positive impact on your amorous activities.

Purple mattresses, along with toppers, are graded good by the couples since the excessive bounciness is recommended.


Weight And Sleep Positions


Purple mattress toppers follow up the mattress itself when it comes to body shapes and sleeping positions.

It has good grades from all sleepers.

Side sleepers and back sleepers tend to find this topper better than most of the other toppers.

Purple toppers keep your body in a healthy position during the night and make your sleep pain-free.



This topper is ideal for average weighted people in all sleeping positions.

Light-weighted individuals might find it’s resilience too much because they will feel like they float above the mattress.

Purple mattress usually supports over-weighted people. However, those who sleep on their stomach might not find it very comfortable.


Sleeping Position Support

First of all, Hyper-elastic polyfoam feels nothing like a foam.

Since it is made of a gel-like substance, it feels more like a gel. It is also super bouncy and responsive, as we already mentioned.

The biggest advantage of this polyfoam is that It conforms exactly when pressure is applied and returns to shape when pressure is removed.

It is good at supporting your back and your neck.


Where Should I Get It?


The best and the easiest way to get Purple mattress topper is trough Purple’s official website.

Like for all of their products, there are all important information, returning policies, trial period, etc.

If you prefer other online platforms, you can find this topper on Amazon.

Purple can be slightly expensive, and don’t forget that the shipping is free only in the USA.  


The Final Say So!!


Buying an appropriate topper prolongs the durability of your mattress. It also improves your sleep and cushioning.

Excellent temperature regulation with zero noise and almost zero motion transfer are just some of the advantages.

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