Purple Mattress Review

Purple Mattress Review

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Are you in need of a new mattress that will make your sleep count? Do you feel tired of scrolling websites with too many numbers and nothing about the experience? Well, this is where we step in with a concrete solution. Let’s take a good look at the Fresh & Comfy mattress!

 2 Minute Summary

Sleep is one of the most important activities, especially for children and working adults. That being said, possession of a proper mattress becomes imperative. Choices are usually based on categories such as firmness, comfort, price, and most often- personal preference.

If you are into innovation and would like to have above-average experience with unique developed technology, Purple mattresses are your next order!  The guarantee is the company that launched its products through the Kick-starter project and soon became the leading edge of the online mattress industry.

If you look at the Purple reviews, you will find satisfied customers, especially the ones that like cool sleeping and are looking for a distinctive type of comfort. Add Hyper-Elastic Polymer (a new technology that combines the gel with foam construction in it), and you’ll get a product that will provide you healthy spinal alignment and affordable mattress at a glance.

Features Test



Construction of Purple mattresses is simple and effective. It consists of three layers covered by a knit fabric cover (29% viscose, 67% polyester, 4% lycra – if you are really into details).


Purple Mattress Sturdiness

The top layer is the Hyper-Elastic Polymer; the base layer is made of four-inch-thick support poly foam, while in the middle lays half-inch shorter poly foam with less density. Different combination of materials enhances sturdiness and provides long-lasting supporter for your body while sleeping.



Motion Isolation

Except for comfort, Purple mattress has amazing motion absorption ability. There isn’t anything to worry about even if you are a light sleeper. Once you fall asleep, you won’t wake up even if the person next to you changes position.



Edge Support

Mattress Edge Support

One of the weakest points of Purple mattress is its edge support. While it has great performances in every other aspect, the combination of materials is not that good when it comes to these criteria. However, there are other ways to make up for this deficiency. 

It is recommended that you use stretchy sheets to enable better pressure release and rotate the mattress every six months (don’t flip it).


Sex Quality

Considering that its structure makes it very resilient therefore bouncy, this mattress doesn’t lack in its functionality when it comes to sexual activities too. It provides good and quality ground for anything you can think of while in bed with your partner.




Thanks to the combination of materials and fabric used over the top layer of the mattress, noise is reduced to a minimum.


Off Gassing

Your Purple mattress will be delivered in a tube with handles, which is practical and doesn’t need additional assembling. Naturally, there is a smell when you first open the product, but after a few hours (give it a day), it will disappear.

You shouldn’t worry about toxicity, even if it’s not pleasant, the smell isn’t dangerous. As most of the new things, especially ones that travel a bit, there are scents that they have to pick along the way (or it is simply a “new, unpacked” product kind of scent).


Temperature Maintenance

Temperature control of Purple mattresses is superior. Hyper-Elastic Polymer optimizes airflow, so this first layer doesn’t retain heat. It is ideal for those who don’t like to be too warm.



Purple Mattress Comfort

We can’t say that there is a mattress that is appealing to everyone. What Purple mattress ensures is that it stands out with its fresh design, and overall comfort. It’s cushy enough to improve your sleep and firm enough to support your body.


Sleeping Positions


The whole idea of firmness that is above average and usage of innovative Hyper-Elastic Polymer is that mattress can provide support of different parts of the body, compressing proportionally to the weight applied to it. This mattress is best recommended for people sleeping on their backs and on their side.


Weight Support


The mattresses have great references from different weighted buyers.  It is said that Purple is best suited for back and side sleepers, and supports up to 600 pounds in total.

Purple Mattress Weight Support

Purple design is suited for sleepers of different body weights and gives them different experiences.

Where Should I Get It

You can order the Purple mattresses through website. They are also available on Amazon or other online resellers that are authorized. If you are from the USA, shipping is free, but if you order it from another country, shipping is calculated according to the rules of the websites you order from. This can be considered one of the rare flaws of this product, but it is still a great price for the quality you get.

Purple Mattress Review Summary

What We Love About

  • Innovative Technology Experimenting with materials allowed Purple mattresses to offer a product that is more resilient, absorbs motion extremely well, and encourages alignment of back and neck.
  • Detailed Specification – Unlike Casper mattresses, Purple mattresses offer the detailed specification of the product (density, composition, etc.) So if you have some doubts and you want to know more about Hyper-Elastic Polymer, for example, you can read that it is recyclable, hypo-allergic, and CertiPur-US (R) certified, which means that it’s made without mercury, other heavy metals or formaldehyde.
  • Minimal Motion Transfer – Hyper-Elastic Polymer bounces back to its original shape very quickly. This means that it is very resilient and that it’s extremely good at motion isolation and limiting disruptions from another person.
  • Affordable & Durable – Considering that you have 10 years warranty and that Purple mattress should last at least that long, we can say that as a customer, you get a great value for the price.
  • Long Trial Period – Sleep trial length is 100 days- fair enough, or better said- more than fair enough?

What made us sad

  • Weak Edge Support – Materials used to compress (Hyper-Elastic Polymer and foam) are not ideal for those who like to sleep at the end of the bed.
  • Heavier and Not Available in Twin Size – Even though it’s dimensions are half-inch shorter, and it has twin XL, Purple mattress may not be an option for those who need specifically twin size.
  • One Firmness Option – Like most mattresses, Purple mattresses also come in one firmness which is slightly firmer than medium.


Picking a mattress is like picking a partner. It shares the most intimate parts of your life and your most vulnerable states. It is of utmost importance that you take the time and pick the one that’ll satisfy your criteria. Purple mattresses live up to their reputation of unique and reliable, with more than a few conveniences that can impress you.

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