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There are a lot of present-day bedding suppliers that target individuals and overpower them with the number of choices.

Restonic is being known for making mattresses for decades. Regardless of the rise of ‘’bed in a box” companies, they still have a big base of clients.

Generally speaking, Restonic mattresses offer excellent quality materials for a good price.

This brand has developed different series of mattresses which are divided into a hybrid, the innerspring, and the memory foam types.

 2 Minute Summary


The Restonic mattresses are sold as a part of six exclusive collections:

  1. ComfortCare assortment
  2. ComfortCare restricted assortment
  3. ComfortCare Hybrid Signature assortment
  4. ComfortCare Hybrid Signature models,
  5. HealthRest TempaGel assortment
  6. HealthRest Latex assortment

Each of these series has its own combination of layers that include one or multiple types of foam.


There isn’t the information that refers to the comparison of different models, and it is especially difficult to find those about thickness or firmness.


Even though there isn’t much information disclosed to the customers, we know that Restonic models can be found in eight sizes, from twin to California king.

Parameters Testing


As we already mentioned, Restonic offers innerspring, memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses.


They all consist of three layers- top, center, and base, and the combination of the materials in the layers is individual for each mattress.

Top Layer- This layer is produced using AlumiLast froth – a foam that has aluminum injected into the cell structure. AlumiLast increases durability and airflow;  it provides cooler and more comfortable sleep during the night.

Center Layer- The center layer helps the base layer. It is produced using wrapped curls. This gives a sturdy network to the rest of the bedding.  It is a layer of 1,300 short innerspring coils that makes the mattress more supportive.

Base Layer- Another helping layer that is called Q5 Twin Support – it’s a Restonic innovation that gives support from edge-to-edge. This guarantees there isn’t excessively sinkage. Q5 Twin Support is a 5 zone individually wrapped coil innerspring support system.

When it comes to types, the hybrid has the durability of the innerspring mattress.  It has the heat regulation and support of the memory foam.

To be clearer, hybrid means combining three different elements, this improves your mattress.

The innerspring is almost the same as the Hybrid.

The biggest difference is that the innerspring mattress has individually wrapped coils throughout the base of the mattress.

The memory foam is sensitive to temperature, but it’s good at relieving pressure points. The biggest disadvantage is its durability.

These mattresses have average weight, so it is not difficult to move them around.

 Motion Isolation

Restonic mattresses have a motion isolation feature. This means that you’ll have an undisturbed sleep even if you share a bed with someone.

The innerspring mattress has even better isolation in addition to pocketed coils. All of Restonic’s mattresses type effectively minimize and isolate motion.


Edge Support

Innersprig and hybrids have strong edge support. Edges are stronger because they are supported with high-dense foam.

Edge Support

However, memory foam and latex mattresses usually have poor edge support.

This is because of the material properties of memory foam, as well as the equivalent support of the innerspring mattress.


Sex Quality

When it comes to sex, bouncier mattresses are always a better option. In this case, your best choice would be an innerspring or hybrid model.

According to the feedbacks, they are more responsive than memory foam and latex models.

Speaking in general terms, Restonic mattresses are considered responsive enough for sex.



Most of the Restonic models produce little to no noise. Innerspring mattresses can be somewhat noisy.

Usually, it is because of the metal components or because of their level of bounciness.

Fortunately, you’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to Restonic, even though none of them are particularly noisy.


Off Gassing

As almost all mattresses, all Restonic models have some odor that disappears after a day or two.

Hybrid and Latex models tend to have less off-gassing, though. This is excellent for users with a sensitive nose!


Temperature Maintenance

The mattress temperature system is good, with many kinds of cooling features and technologies.

The hybrid and innerspring types retain less heat. If you like “cooler” sleeping, they are a better option than memory and latex type that tend to retain more heat.



Comfort varies by model. Thicker ones tend to have more weight and temperature-sensitive properties.


Conforming ability is not a strength of Restonic, and it could be uncomfortable to some degree due to its excessive firmness of some models.

Overall, when it comes to comfort,  Restonic is rated no better than fair.


Sleeping Positions

Person size and sleeping position have the greatest influence on the feel of comfort.

Restonic models are rated as good and very good for back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers, regardless of their weight.

Motion Isolation

Nevertheless, these grades shouldn’t be surprising because Restonic has produced a lot of mattresses with different materials and firmness levels, so it can suit almost all the sleepers.


Weight Support

Since they have a wide choice of models, Restonic has a model suitable for each body type.

Back sleepers, side sleepers, or stomach sleepers can find a model that can match their requirements.

That is one of the advantages of having a wide choice of mattresses.


Where Should I Get It

Restonic products are available online and at retail locations across the US.

The company doesn’t give information about prices, return policies, warranties, and you can purchase your mattress exclusively through third-party retailers.

Keep in mind that only one Restonic model has customer rating on Amazon (4,6), while other models are not available or they don’t have ratings at all.

With that being said, buying them online is definitely the best option, because that tends to offer excellent deals, as well as being much easier.

Restonic Mattress Review Summary

What We Love About

  • Trusted Brand – they have a long tradition in bed making, and they use High-quality foams and materials.
  • Restonic innerspring and hybrids have different firmness ratings and offer strong edge support.
  • Memory foam and latex models from Restonic conform closely and are good at alleviating body pressure.
  • Has good temperature system with many kinds of cooling features.

What made us sad

  • Low motion isolation for innerspring and hybrid mattresses.
  • High body heat retention for memory foam and hybrids.
  • Restonic doesn’t disclose information about pricing, available sizes, product specifications, or warranty coverage.
  • Below-average longevity, the most often complain is sagging, which makes the bed uncomfortable and unsupportive. Mattress approximately lasts seven years before it needs to be replaced.


Restonic is one of America’s oldest national mattress companies. This means that they’ve been in the industry for a long time.They offer a wide variety of different materials, comforts, and price points. They are different than the most bed in box sellers. And not only by the number of the models have they offered.
Not having a detailed description of the product can be a little frustrating, especially if you have little to no information about things like a trial period, warranty, or return policy. However, there are some facts about that gathered on the internet. It is said that Restonic provides the warranty spanning from 1 to 25 years for its mattresses. They give 15 years of non-prorated warranty guaranteed for most models, which is longer than that of other mattresses on average.

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