Saatva Mattress Review

Saatva Mattress Review

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It is a well-known fact that high-quality sleep is the key to a good and productive day. Yet, companies charge a hefty sum for this necessity.

Mattresses can go for mind-blowing amounts of money.

The bottom line being a few hundred and from there only the sky is the limit. Even for the most basic mattresses, you might have to break the bank.

First, they will have to look for a special model with special modifications.

Then see if it is a good match for the bed and if it fits your taste.

The quality and longevity of these mattresses are mandatory.

You will feel cheated out if you paid for something that wasn’t worth paying for.

Luckily for you, Saatva has the real thing for you.

Ever since it started in 2010, the goal of Saatva was a noble one.

To complement the luxury mattress marketplace with an affordable alternative. Let say you want something more luxurious.

Now, you want it to still be within a reasonable price range, Saatva is the thing for you.

This review will analyze all the pros and cons of purchasing and owning one of these mattresses.

And in the end, tell you where you can get one if you find it quite interesting.

 2 Minute Summary


Saatva produces many different kinds of mattresses. The Loom and Leaf memory foam mattresses, for example. The Solaire airbeds and the Zenhaven reversible latex mattresses.

But, in this review, we will focus more on their more recognizable products.

The brand’s most beloved mattress is the Saatva Classic.

It is a coil-on-coil innerspring. It consists of layers of polyfoam, memory foam and comfort layers with pocketed steel.

The support core contains Bonnell coils. The top cover has organic cotton padded with polyfoam.

It is available in three firmness options. Medium Soft, Medium Firm, and Firm, as well as two profiles of 11 ½ inches and 14 ½ inches. As you can see, you have quite the variety to choose from.

The Saatva HD is a mattress designed for larger people. To be exact, designed for those who weigh more than 300 pounds. It has an added layer of comfort made out of zoned Talalay latex.

This gives more support to the body, as well as extra polyfoam and memory foam layers. The support core is different, as well. Now it features offset coils supported by a high-density foam base.

Saatva mattresses are perfect for eco-conscious individuals. The company makes them from materials that don’t affect nature.

They have outstanding edge support and come in a wide variety of firmness and keep the bed cool. On the other side, the HD variant is perfect for larger individuals.

The main selling point of this mattress is its price. It becomes even more affordable with free White Glove delivery and assembly. Most companies charge a large amount of money for the same services.

With that being said, there have been complaints of the mattresses lifespan, so if you’re looking for a mattress to get permanently, you might want to shy away from this one.

You will find a more detailed analysis of every aspect below. In the end, a final word on the total quality of the product.

We urge you to read on with care as everything can be a major factor in your decision.

Parameters Testing



Most innerspring mattresses have below average durability, lasting only 6 to 7 years. The same is true for the classic model.


Yet, the HD models specific design offsets this. Its extra components increase its durability to roughly 7 and a half years. This is the biggest complaint of most testers we’ve put the mattress under.


Motion Isolation

The classic model offers little to none motion isolation. This may prove to be troublesome for light sleepers.

Motion isolation

This improves a lot in the HD model with the bonus layers and latex.


Edge Support

Innerspring mattresses usually have above average edge support. Saatva mattresses are no different.

Customers have reported that their surface was consistent as they had no roll-off.

Even while sleeping near the edge, and good pushback when sitting on it. This is due to the high-density buffer rails in the coil layer.


Sex Quality

The Saatva HD is very springy, due to its many layers. But many people will find a bed with fewer layers to be better when it comes to sex.

The Saatva classic is far more responsive while still keeping a part of the bounciness.

The Saatva Plush Soft and Saatva Luxury Firm are certain to be better choices.



The Saatva mattresses are silent in most situations. It is as silent as the average innerspring. This is quite good.

We must consider the fact that only 7 % of Saatva sleepers reported this problem.


Off Gassing

As it happens with all mattresses, off-gassing can be unpleasant. It happens due to the polyfoam and memory foam upon unpackaging.

On the bright side, it poses no problems as the unpleasant scent dissipates in a matter of days.


Temperature Maintenance

Continuous testing showed the Saatva is amongst the best choices for hot sleepers.

In this regard, it is far superior to non-innerspring models as it has better airflow.

This mattress is amongst the coolest on the market because of the traditional design.



Saatva mattresses are ideal for sleepers that prefer close conforming. The sleeper who prefers targeted pressure relief will find it fitting as well.

The classic model came with a coil-on-coil system. This meant that pressure release was more efficient amongst coils.

The HD model does the same thing, except that it does it with a greater weight capacity.


Sleeping Positions

The HD model gets a perfect grade by people that enjoy sleeping on their back and their sides. Although lighter individuals will find sleeping on their stomach quite problematic.

This model is not suited for sleeping on your stomach. Its seeming unresponsiveness may look like the mattress is trying to suffocate you.

The Classic model shines when it comes to its marks when it comes to back-sleepers too. Innerspring mattresses tend to have excellent targeted support.

It helps the back remain in a natural and comfortable position.

The comfort layers redirect pressure and keep the mattress hugged around your body.

All the while, the coil layer redirects pressure and distribute it in equal parts. This model seems to be problematic for side-sleepers.


Weight Support

No matter your size, at least one of the many models Saatva offers will suit you. Due to their traditional design, they are more resistant to deformation.

Weight Support

This is especially true for the Saatva HD. It offers the same resilience for larger individuals.

Smaller individuals will not find the Saatva HD enjoyable, but, as they will find it hard to lay on.

The extra layers make the mattress seem unresponsive. This happens because it takes a great amount of force to get a reaction out of bed.

To any individual lighter than 130 pounds it will be the same as sleeping on the floor. Individuals between 130 pounds and 230 pounds will find it subpar.


Where Should I Get It

If you have been reading with care, and I am sure you have, your imagination is tingling by now.

Purchasing a Saatva Mattress of your own will be an excellent addition to your bed.

They can come in a wide variety of prices, from 599 dollars for a Saatva Classic Twin to 2799 for a Saatva HD Cali King.

As you can see the pricing on them is not too steep and can be even more affordable by the free delivery in the US.

You cannot buy them through third-party retailers like Amazon. Instead, they are only available on the Saatva website.

The company owns no brick-and-mortar stones.

Whatever you are looking for in a mattress, Saatva will provide.

Their mattresses are easy to customize and come in a wide variety. This makes it a must-have item if you wish to have a comfortable sleeping area.

Its wide variety, easy customization and, above all, a fair price make it indispensable.

Saatva Mattress Review Summary

What We Love About

  • The first amongst the many pros of owning a Saatva mattress is their affordability. I cannot emphasize this more. In the market for luxury mattresses, you will rarely find something as affordable as this.
  • The second thing I must point out is the customizability of these products. They come in a wide variety of firmness, thickness, and designs which will help you make your very own Saatva bed.
  • The mattress is completely planet friendly. Being that it consists of recycled steel, organic cotton, and bio-based foams.
  • The edge support it offers is outstanding.
  • Saatva mattresses are excellent for young couples that like to get intimate. It is very bouncy and responsive, great for having sex.
  • These mattresses can take quite a lot and remain the same. It comes with free full-service delivery. It comes with a 120-night sleep trial, a flexible, and excellent customer service.

What made us sad

  • The main complaint customers have had on these mattresses is the lifespan. Innerspring mattresses last shorter than their non-innerspring counterparts.
  • They are quite heavy and also difficult to move or rotate because of their enormous size.


The Saatva mattress overperforms in most of the categories. You can see how confident they are in the mattress quality by the fact that they own no brick and mortar stores. Instead, they give you everything you need through an online purchase.
The best thing about Saatva mattresses is the easy customization and affordable price, giving you a unique sleeping experience. If this intrigues you at all, click on below link for exclusive deal!

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