Sole E25 Vs E35 Vs E55


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The E series of ellipticals comprises of Sole E25, E35, E55, E95 and E98. Each is suited to different kinds of individuals according to size, budget and so on. We will explain in details as you read on.

The Sole elliptical E series is quite popular among fitness enthusiasts and Fitness professionals for a good number of reasons. They include:

  • Body frame: The body frame of all the sole elliptical series are made from high quality, commercially graded steel frames.
  • Target muscle toning Design: The Sole Elliptical is ergonomically designed to get the desired body muscles toning during your workouts.
  • Zero impact motion: The Sole Elliptical is designed in such a way that it has zero impact on your body joints, with the foot pedals having a two-degree slope shaped inwards.
  • Adjustable stride length: Some of the Sole Ellipticals have pedal stride lengths that can easily be adjusted up to 22 inches.
  • Wireless connection: The Sole elliptical has a wireless feature to look at and manage your fitness levels data easily.
  • Affordability: The price range of the Sole Elliptical is quite affordable for consumers.
  • Comfortability: The Sole elliptical is designed with the comfort of the consumer in mind. This comfort is achieved with the heavy flywheel, pedals that can be adjusted, and excellent elliptical pathways.
  • Durability: The body parts of the Sole Ellipticals are very durable; you avoid all the sneaky noise issues and easily broken parts of most fitness machines.
  • Warranty terms: The warranty terms on all the Sole ellipticals have warranty terms that are quite top-notch, especially for their online purchasing option.

As much as we love the Sole Ellipticals, they do have a few drawbacks like:

  • Body frame: The body frame of all the sole elliptical series are made from high quality, commercially graded steel frames.
  • Target muscle toning Design: The Sole Elliptical is ergonomically designed to get the desired body muscles toning during your workouts.


The Sole Elliptical Models

The Sole Elliptical E series is quite popular in the elliptical market scenery. It comes in six models: five of the models- the E25 to the E95 models- are made for use in homes only. The remainder model, which is the E98, is used for both home and light commercial usage.

The Sole elliptical E-series range from $999 to $1,999 on the go retail market. Prices on the list are between $1,699 to $3,499.

The features the Sole elliptical E series models possess makes it quite popular among users.

They have a front design that has excellent consumer reviews. Even though front-drive ellipticals are generally known to be quite uncomfortable, the designers achieved high ratings with the blend of ergonomics with a superb front design at low costs.

Also, they have magnetic drives, which make them run at quiet levels, and changing of resistance levels is achieved very smoothly.

We would now touch on three of the Sole elliptical E series which we think you can easily purchase.

They are the Sole Elliptical E25, the Sole Elliptical E35, and the Sole Elliptical E55 models. All are excellent models in their own right but read on to know why.

Sole E25

Sole E25 Elliptical

The Sole Elliptical E25 is Soles Fitness introductory model of the E series.

With the E25, users can actively engage themselves in cardiovascular workouts at a pocket-friendly price. The zero-impact motion on the body joints is one great feature of this model.

It also comes with Bluetooth technology compatibility, a water bottle, and tablet holder as well as a USB charging port.

The handlebars are ergonomically designed to give users multiple grips options. This design makes for comfortability during workouts.

You can also focus on toning miles of the upper body as well with this ergonomic design.

The 20 degrees inclination levels is another great feature. This feature helps to build the lower muscles.

You can also achieve muscle toning in the lower body part by alteration of the forward and reverse motions of the foot pedals.

The 16 resistance levels of the Sole Elliptical E25 is run by a flywheel of weight 19 pounds, which helps forsooth pedaling.

The pedals are designed to reduce ankle or knee stress with their inward two-degree sloping design.

The workout programs available on the E25 can pretty match those of higher E series produced.

Sole E25 Console

The ten workout programs give you workouts that help to cut down on your body weight. Effective training helps your heart rate, as well as aid great muscles toning.

The LCD console cokes withal 6.5″ screen that helps you read your workout data with so much ease.

You can also sync your tablet or Android devices to the Sole fitness App, as well as other fitness apps such as FitBit, MyFitnessPal amongst others.

What We Love About

  • This model comes at a meager price
  • The foot pedals can be adjusted to angles that provide comfort
  • Power inclination of 20 degrees
  • It has a variety of ten workout programs
  • Comes with Bluetooth compatibility
  • Cooling fan provided for cooling effect during workouts
  • Comes with Water bottle and tablet holders in order to stay hydrated
  • Wireless strap heart rate monitor to constantly monitor your heart rate
  • It is compactly designed to take up little space
  • A USB charging port for easy charging of your devices while working out
  • Has a tray for your accessories

What made us sad

  • You cannot download new workout programs to your console
  • The stride lengths of the pedals are not adjustable
  • The wireless strap heart monitor is sold separately
  • There is no rack to stack books and magazines
  • It is not powerful enough for professionals


The Sole E25 comes at an online price of $999, which gives it the distinction of being one of the best elliptical machines you can purchase at under $1000. When you buy it directly from the Sole Fitness website, you get a warranty package of great value.

The kit includes a lifetime warranty on the body frame along with three years warranty on the body and electronic parts. Labor warranty is also in-house. Without a doubt, the Sole Elliptical E25 is built to last you for a very long time.

Check Consumer Reviews

Sole E35

Sole E25 Elliptical

The Sole E35 elliptical is a level usher than the Sole elliptical E25 with the improved specifications that come with it.

It is designed to be easily used by both beginners and professional fitness trainers alike.

In contrast to the Sole elliptical E25, it has some make improvements like the 30 degrees inclination for toning of the body muscles.

​The Sole Elliptical E35 also comes with Bluetooth technology, has a USB charging port for easy charging of your gadgets.

The flywheel weighs in at 25 pounds, foot pedals with 20 degrees inward sloping design for comfort and puts less stress on the knee and ankle joints.

The 16 levels of resistance make for smoother pedaling during workouts. The foot pedals are also well-cushioned.

The configuration of the front-drive of this model gives it compact size, although it is not foldable.

Therefore, it will still take up some space in your home. It has integrated transport wheels which helps to move it from spot to another with ease.

The machine runs on magnetic resistance which enables it to run silently.

The moving handlebars are ergonomically designed to ensure it is comfortable for a workout on the upper body muscles.

Ten pre-installed workout programs are also available on the console and a well-lit LCD.

You can manually choose the workout programs, or the machine can automatically select programs from your stored customized workout regime.

The customized workout can be stored and synced with trainer apps such as MyFitnessPal, FitBit, etc.

What We Love About

  • It comes with a 25-inch flywheel
  • Ergonomically designed handlebars
  • The foot pedals are well-cushioned
  • Ten workout programs are pre-installed on the console
  • The wireless strap for monitoring your heart rate is inclusive on purchase
  • It comes with a tray for accessories
  • The drive system operates silently
  • Provisions are made for tablet and water bottle
  • Comes with Bluetooth enabled speakers for music lovers
  • It comes with a cooling fan

What made us sad

  • No provision is made for downloading new workout programs
  • The foot pedal stride length is non-adjustable


The warranty on the Sole elliptical E35 is more than the E25 model. It has an extended warranty of 5 years in the body and electronics parts, as well as a lifetime warranty on the body frame. The price of the Sole elliptical E35 is pegged at $1,399 on the company’s website.

For great value spent money-wise, the sole elliptical E35 is a bargain overall.

Check Consumer Reviews

Sole E55

Sole E25 Elliptical

The Sole Elliptical E55 comes with a good enough compact design and rather enhanced features for people who desire flashy specs.

The digital upgrade in this model is the HD display screen that has an adjustable angle and Bluetooth audio sound system.

The handlebars are also ergonomically designed as is a common feature of all Sole ellipticals.

It has a weight capacity of 375 pounds and has the smallest footprint of 27″ x 71″ in comparison with the Sole elliptical 25 and E35 models.

It has the excellent features that accompany most of the Sole elliptical E series such as the Bluetooth compatible feature which allows you to sync with the Sole fitness App easily and other fitness apps, tablet and water bottle holders as well as a USB charging port.

It also comes with ten pre-installed workout programs for your workout schedule for cardiovascular exercises and general muscle toning.

The ergonomic feature also extends to the pedals.

A well-known feature of the E55 as well as other Sole ellipticals so the 20 degrees of incline.

The degree of slope makes it ideal for effective toning of your body muscles. This means you get 20 instead of just one elliptical path.

The 20 loud sized flywheel also makes the Sole elliptical E55 an ideal model for novices and professionals.

What We Love About

  • Bluetooth compatibility for easy syncing
  • A flywheel that makes for conference pedaling
  • Has magnetic resistance levels that operate silently
  • It comes with ten preset workout programs
  • Wireless strap for monitoring heart rate
  • Two users can save their workout data on the console
  • Comfortable grip on the handlebars
  • USB charging port for your devices to aid in operating your devices
  • Water bottle holder that is within arm’s reach
  • Cooling fan is provided for cooling effect
  • Accessories tray inclusive

What made us sad

  • You cannot download new workout programs.
  • The pedal stride length is not adjustable.
  • The stride length is not great for petite users.


Coming for $1,499 with its extended warranty of 5 years, it is quite a good choice if you have the extra bucks to spend. When purchased from the online store of Sole Fitness, you are assured of free delivery.

You also get a 30-day trial period with the option of getting your money back if you are not satisfied with the machine at the end of the trial period.

Check Consumer Reviews

Comparison Table

Features Sole E25 Sole E35 Sole E55
Resistance levels 16 16 Multiple
Incline 0-20 degrees 20 degrees 20 degrees
Workout programs 10 10 10
Handlebars Yes Yes Yes
Foldability No No No
Flywheel 19 LBS 25LBS 17 LBS
Stride length 20 inches 20 inches 20 inches
Foot pedals Yes Yes Yes
Weight limit 350 LBS 375 LBS 375 LBS
User profiles 1 1 2
LCD Yes Yes Yes
Display readout Yes Yes Yes
Heart rate monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Performance tracking Yes Yes Yes
Cooling fan Yes Yes Yes
Ease of use Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes Yes
Sound system Yes Yes Yes
USB charging Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions 70″ L x 24″ W x 64″ H 82″ x 31″ x 67″H 64″ x 71″ x 27″H
Tablet holder Yes Yes Yes
Water holder Yes Yes Yes
Warranty A lifetime of Frame, frame parts: 3years, Electronic parts: 3 years, Labor: 1 year Lifetime of the Frame, Frame parts: 5 years, Electronic parts: 5 years, Labor: 2 years Lifetime of the Frame, Frame parts: 5 years, Electronic parts: 5 years, Labor: 2 years
Safety feature Yes Yes Yes
Overall score (Good/Better/Best) Good Better Best
Our pick (Budget/Value) Budget Value High End

Which One To Pick

If you have a fixed budget for the Sole elliptical machine, we would instantly suggest the Sole elliptical E25 because it comes at a pocket-friendly price.

However, if you desire one with advanced options from the table above, the E35 or the E55 is an ideal choice for an extra couple of bucks.


Our Pick

For a price of slightly above $1000, the Sole elliptical E35 is an excellent value for money. It offers pretty much the same features you would find in the high-end E series, so why spend the extra bucks?

The workout programs are ten in number. It is Bluetooth compatible, and you can sync with fitness training apps, have holders for your tablet devices and water, so why not?

And if you’re on a fixed budget, this is another reason for us to recommend the sole elliptical E35 to you.

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