TempurPedic Cloud Supreme Mattress Review

TempurPedic Cloud Supreme Mattress Review

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Have you ever felt dissatisfied with your memory foam mattress?

Maybe you’ve felt that the downsides it has compared to a regular mattress simply don’t bring enough to the table to justify their price?

Maybe you simply feel that your regular mattress isn’t cutting it, but you don’t feel like a memory foam one is a way to go either?

This is when, instead of choosing between one of these two categories, you simply take both. TEMPUR is a revolutionary kind of mattress material, made by blending together both memory foam and traditional mattress materials.

This brings an unparalleled sense of comfort and takes out some of the negatives of both those kinds of mattresses.

If you’ve been wondering if TEMPUR-pedic mattresses are really worth the hype, or have just been looking for an honest look at their pros and cons, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll be providing you with a quality review of the mattress in all scenarios.

We’ll look at factors ranging from the sturdiness and material quality to how suitable it is for sex, and where you can get it.

Our testing will also tell you which kind of sleeper this mattress suits best.

 2 Minute Summary


The TEMPUR-pedic Cloud Supreme is an excellent mattress resting upon TEMPUR technology.

It is one of the six soft mattresses wearing the Cloud name, and it’s just like it sounds.

Resting on one of these mattresses will feel akin to resting on clouds.

While these mattresses, called hybrid mattresses due to the material’s nature, are sometimes quite expensive, it is well worth it.

They bring the best of both worlds, which is why they’re the top pick of many important people across the world.

It’s easy to underestimate the effect a quality sleep has on your life, but after spending a few nights sleeping on a high-quality hybrid mattress like this, you won’t ever want to go back.

The company is so confident in this mattress that it offers a whopping 10-year guarantee.

The mattress has little to no motion transfer, and the quality make ensures that you’ll find a good balance of firmness and softness, regardless of your preference.

Naturally, the mattress also has some downsides, it will sometimes contour if you’re a more heavy-set sleeper.

It also has heavy and strong off-gassing, which can make the first few nights spent in the mattress rather unpleasant.

The break-in period is also rather long, with the company recommending a few weeks for it.

Parameters Testing



The sturdiness of the mattress is a two-fold matter.


On the one hand, it’s very likely that the mattress will survive the 10 years the company guarantees you, the question is how much past that it will last. In our testing, it hasn’t proven precisely stellar. 

Unfortunately, the company that makes the mattress doesn’t state how dense the foam is, nor what it is made up of.

This makes it difficult to judge on pure sturdiness, as the materials which make it up are unknown.

Because of this, when you buy this mattress, you’re taking a risk with its longevity, it might just last 20 years due to its superior quality, or the TEMPUR may be a bit worse, and it could end up falling apart on year 11.

All in all, in our testing, it didn’t prove worse than most of its competitors, however, it’s also pricier than them, this begs the question of whether you’re truly investing in superior quality.

Motion Isolation

This is an area where this mattress absolutely excels. While most TEMPUR mattresses are a bit worse when it comes to motion isolation when compared to their memory foam counterparts, this mattress exhibits no such issues.

Motion Isolation

In our testing, it was entirely on-par, if not even better than most purely memory foam mattresses out there today.

The Cloud Supreme truly lives up to its name in this sense, as the same way motion won’t transfer much on a cloud, it won’t on this mattress.

This is especially important if you or your partner move around a lot at night.

This is because while on a traditional mattress, you might wind up waking the other up, on the Cloud Supreme mattress, you won’t even feel that your other half has gotten up.

This is also excellent if you ever keep food or drinks on the bed, as they’re unlikely to spill from you getting onto the bed.

Edge Support

The edge support of this mattress is nothing special. While it’s definitely a cut above most mattresses, it’s also worth noting that it commands a much higher price than a lot of its competition.

In light of this, its excellent edge support doesn’t seem all that special. While it’s definitely not bad, some customers have had issues with the edges caving in and deforming.

This is especially prevalent in some of the heavier-set customer base.

While this is accurate, it shouldn’t make you discount the mattress as a whole.

As a general rule, as long as edge support isn’t abysmal, you won’t notice much difference in day to day use.

Because of this, unless you’re using the edges of your mattress often, and intensively, we would recommend not letting this criterion significantly affect your judgment on whether or not it is going to be a wise purchase.

Sex Quality

Sex on this mattress is absolutely great. It offers the perfect mixture of bounciness and firmness which is very hard to get right, as there’s no true science to it, but more of an art.

Fortunately, the folks at TEMPURpedic seem to be artists in this sense, as this mattress offers almost perfect performance when having sex, and is sure to improve your sex life as a whole.

If you’ve never had sex on a mattress like this, it can be difficult to explain what precisely it brings, however, give it a shot, you’ll find yourself very pleasantly surprised.


The TEMPUR-pedic Cloud Supreme is about as noisy as a cloud. This is to say, it’s absolutely soundless.

There haven’t been any complaints from users on the performance of this mattress in that regard.

With that being said, it’s to be expected, as the price point of the mattress by itself says enough about its general quality.

If noise levels are a concern to you, you’ll definitely want to consider this mattress as an option, as it provides a noise-free sleeping experience.

Off Gassing

This is one of those areas where the TEMPUR-pedic Cloud Supreme mattress doesn’t really live up to the hype.

While the TEMPUR material is no doubt excellent, it does come with a specific issue, off-gassing.

Off-gassing is the chemical leftovers from the mattresses production getting in your nostrils.

In other words, it’s the “new mattress” smell. What is scarcely known is that this is quite unhealthy, and can definitely bother quite a few people.

Before buying this mattress, consider if you’re alright with it having a bit of that smell for the first few days of usage.

If you’ve got a sensitive nose, and are bothered by such smells, passing might be the best option.

Temperature Maintenance

This mattress veers just a bit off of perfection because of this criteria.

The Cloud Supreme is definitely not made for warmer environments, like those on the US coast.

This is because the heat transfer and maintenance on the mattress are quite bad for its price point.

While other mattresses around its price level often come with a cooling system, this mattress simply relies on the natural properties of its materials.

If customer reviews are to be trusted, it has not been particularly successful.

To illustrate why this can be an issue, most people require a certain degree of coolness during the summer months to fall asleep.

This is why many flip their pillows on their cold side in frustration. The same thing happens, albeit on a different level, to a mattress.


If it wasn’t obvious from the name, the TEMPUR-pedic Cloud Supreme is geared with comfort as the primary concern.


As the company says, they wanted to make a mattress that would help closest approximate the feeling of resting on a cloud.

The mattress does quite accomplish that, the TEMPUR is somehow even more comfortable than most memory foams.

The softer surface of the mattress provides excellent cradling for the heavier parts of the body and does especially good work on the back and hips.

If you’ve been having problems with either of those areas, then this might just be the mattress for you.

Many customers have rated this product highly due to the weightless feeling it brings, as well as being described as “enveloping” the sleeper due to the memory foam layer of the TEMPUR.

With that being said, the comfort isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

As you can see just underneath this, the main issue with the comfort of this mattress lies not in the actual feeling of laying in it, but in the temperature and heat transfer.

Sleeping Positions

When it comes to sleeping positions, the Cloud Supreme performs best when it comes to side sleepers.

Sleeping Positions

You’ll find that sleeping on your side is definitely the most optimal way to use this mattress.

With that being said, our testers for back and stomach sleeping didn’t exactly have many complaints either.

This is because the construction of the mattress is such that, regardless of which side you like to sleep on, it provides 100% support to your hips, back, and neck. The three most crucial areas to offer support in.

Weight Support

When it comes to weight, we’ve had this mattress tested by both lightweight and heavyweight sleepers, neither have found many problems when it comes to its performance, however, it should be noted that the mattress performed a bit worse for the heavier testers.

This is because it, like all other hybrid mattresses, has a small issue with contouring and sinkage.

This means that through extensive use, the mattress will cave in and deform, sometimes this will even be permanent.

TempurPedic Cloud Supreme Mattress Review Summary

What We Love About

  • The mattress offers a great mix of firmness and softness.
  • There’s little to no motion transfer.
  • The 10-year guarantee gives faith in its longevity.
  • The TEMPUR-pedic nature of the mattress ensures excellent sleep quality.

What made us sad

  • Strong off-gassing can make the first few nights uncomfortable.
  • It can get quite heated, and there are some heat traps.
  • The mattress is quite expensive to other models that aren’t TEMPUR based.


The TEMPURpedic Cloud Supreme certainly lives up to the latter part of its name. Offering a 10-year guarantee, as well as excellent comfort and support, this is an amazing high-end mattress for any household. Offering a perfect mix of a firm, but still bouncy and comfortable surface, as well as excellent motion isolation, this is an ideal mattress for couples.
The main two downsides of the mattress only come in to play if you’ve got a sensitive nose or live in a very heated area. Otherwise, the TEMPURpedic Cloud Supreme is sure to impress you, though make sure to get it online, as you’d be missing out on many great deals if you didn’t.

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Where Should I Get It

Getting your hands on one of these excellent mattresses shouldn’t present a problem.

They’re available not only from the official website of TEMPUR-pedic, but also from other vendors, and even brick and mortar stores.

Naturally, Amazon is a great way to find this mattress, and you’ll often find that it offers free shipping inside the US, and sometimes even outside.

There are also plenty of deals and offers which you can take that can bring down the price of a quality mattress like this one down.

You won’t find these deals in brick and mortar stores though, so online is probably your best bet.

All in all, the Cloud Supreme is an excellent mattress, and we are proud to recommend it to you.

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