Tempurpedic Vs Sleep Number

Tempurpedic Vs Sleep Number (A Head to Head Comparison)

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The industry is trying to keep up with the discoveries of the 21st century, and it keeps giving options to consumers.

Confronting old school and approved products which are already accepted and successful is a tough job.

Whether you fancy smart technology, or stylish, pricy full foamed mattress, Sleep Number and Tempurpedic have more than few options for you to choose.

This review is based on comparing two kinds of mattresses.

Tempurpedic is a mattress that uses springs or regular foam, while Sleep Number is known as an air bed mattress.

We will start with a short explanation of these two terms for better understanding.


Both Mattresses At A Glance


Spring foam is a steel coil spring made to support the body and give the mattress a bouncing effect.

There are many varieties of coils. Springs act as a shock absorber and reduce the wear and tear of the mattress.

Tempurpedic is a brand that is around for quite some time, and it has built its reputation on creating great mattresses made of premium materials.

Airbed is the mattress that uses air, rather than a coil system as a means of support.

There are air chambers that go through the mattress, and allow you to adjust the firmness of the mattress.

Sleep Number gives you the possibility to change the firmness of the bed by increasing or decreasing the amount of air in each of the two chambers of the mattress.


Let’s start off with the pros


  • It has excellent motion isolation- it is one of their strongest features.
  • It’s durable and resilient- thanks to its construction and quality of material, Tempurpedic is one of the most resilient mattresses on the market.
  • Great for overweight people- it provides the ideal amount of contouring and sinking.

Sleep Number:

  • Personalization- you can adjust the firmness of your mattress according to your preference
  • No off-gassing- unlike most of the mattresses Sleep Number has this well covered
  • Durability- these mattresses last for over a decade without any issues

The Cons


  • Not good for light-weighted people- they sink too much
  • Usually has an odor, off-gassing is sometimes reported as an issue
  • Expensive- this is the mattress you consider if you are not tight on the budget

Sleep Number:

  • Air mechanisms can break- this can be a big issue since the whole idea of comfort is based on the adjustment
  • Not that good for hugging and snuggling- dual air chambers can make it difficult.
  • Firmness level- Sleep Number might not be as comfortable as you expect since firmness levels are limited from medium-firm to more firm.

Parameters Testing



Tempurpedic and Sleep Number are both exist for a while, and they are known for good products with a variety of models.

Tempurpedic Sturdiness

Tempurpedic uses materials of great quality, and durability of Sleep Number mattresses are one of their highlights.

Tempurpedic ‘s top cover consists of a blend of polyester and spandex, and their foam layers are usually made of four layers (two layers of visco-elastic memory foam, and two layers of polyurethane foam)

Sleep Number Sturdiness

The Sleep Number is usually covered with knit fabric.  They use foam as air support, and for comfort.


Motion Isolation

When we talk about motion transitions, foam is definitely superior to air.

Tempurpedic Motion Isolation

Tempurpedic shows minimal to none motion transfer; it is great for couples as they will sleep undisturbed.

Sleep Number Motion Isolation

Sleep Number has issues with this aspect, but if you and your partner have different firmness preferences, this is a good choice.



Even though Tempurpedic is an expensive mattress, and it is certified against allergies, people often complain of off-gassing.

It is mainly present if the mattress is held in a hot room.

In comparison to Tempurpedic, Sleep Number has minimal smell and no off-gassing.



One of the best Tempurpedic mattress features is its outstanding support and pressure relief.

Tempurpedic Comfort

If your idea of comfort also includes a genuine foam feel, you found yourself an ideal mattress.

Sleep Number Comfort

Sleep Number gives you the possibility of personalization and flexibility.

Add technology and gadgets and that’s a smart mattress for you.


Temperature Maintenance

Airbeds are mostly good at regulating temperature.

Sleep Number can feel a bit chilly if you prefer warmer mattresses.

Tempurpedic, on the other hand, has higher density and people often complained about sleeping hot.


Edge Support

Tempurpedic is also one of the mattresses that don’t respond well to the expectations for providing edge support.

This issue is a frequent issue with all-foam mattresses.

Unlike Tempurpedic, Sleep Number don’t seem to lack in edge support.

You can peacefully use your Sleep Number mattress while eating and sitting on the edge.



Airbed mattresses such as Sleep Number can produce some noise while adjusting the level of air chambers.

The mattress itself isn’t noisy.

Tempurpedic on the other hand, has absolutely no noise due to the advanced, TEMPUR based material.


Sex Quality

Sleep Number mattress has air chambers.

This means that at some point the surface of the mattress can be uneven which is not that great for sex.

When it comes to Tempurpedic, their hybrid models are better recommended for sexual activities.

This is because the Tempurpedic’s hybrid properties allow for optimal bounciness.


Weight And Sleep Positions


Both of the mattresses are good for heavier individuals.

Tempurpedic can be a bit more contouring than stomach sleepers would need. Tempurpedic might not be the first option for lightweight sleepers because of too much sinking, and it is ideal for those who sleep on their side.

Sleep Number’s mattresses are great for overweight people and a better choice for back and stomach sleepers.


Weight Support

While Tempurpedic isn’t that great for light-weighted people, Sleep number is comfortable for all body types.

Tempurpedic might feel too firm, and light-weighted individuals tend to feel like they are floating above the mattress.

The Sleep Number has a good response for heavy weighted people, it has nice and comforting ‘’hug’’.


Sleeping Position Support

Both mattresses perform well in terms of support and comfort.

Tempurpedic provides good sleep quality thanks to excellent pressure relief. It also helps with chronic back pain and neck pain.

If you are recovering from surgery for example, or you have an injury, Sleep Number is a better solution, since it is a mattress with adjustable bases.


Where Should I Get Them?


Tempurpedic and Sleep Number are both available online and in-store.

Like most of the mattresses, you can order them through the website or find them on Amazon.

Trial periods vary from 100 or 120 nights for Tempurpedic, and 100 nights for Sleep Number. Warranty length is also different.

Sleep Number’s warranty length is 25 years, while Tempurpedic gives a standard 10-year warranty.

Keep in mind that both of these mattresses are better obtained online, as it ensures you’ll get the best deals possible.


Final Words


As it seems, both brands are close in terms of quality.

The biggest difference is the price, and the construction itself.

You should keep in mind that Sleep Number has 100 nights trial period and it is possible to return the product and claim a full refund.

Tempurpedic doesn’t offer that option, but you can exchange your mattress for a new one, but you can’t claim a money refund.

Both mattresses have more than one firmness option, and they excel at pressure relief.

At the end of the day it all comes down to personal taste, and the pros and cons vary from buyer to buyer.

If you are more of a traditional person and you don’t have budget issues you should definitely go with the Tempurpedic, but if you like your mattress personalized, there are few Sleep Number models that can fit your criteria.

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