Winkbeds Mattress Review


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WinkBeds mattresses are the first handmade hybrid mattresses, which is perfect for buyers who want to try memory foam mattresses, but don’t want to jump right into it. Hybrid mattress brings the best of both technologies (memory foam and innerspring system), so it allows sleepers to have a comfortable sleep and good sex experience.

Winkbeds mattresses are indeed a safe buy. You get a mandatory 120-night free trial, and if you are unhappy with this mattress, you can return it and get a refund. These mattresses excel in firmness options and variety. If you are overweight, you can get the model for heavier sleepers, WinkBed PLUS.

This review will give you all Pros and Cons for WinkBeds and WinkBed PLUS along with summary of various tests and other information you might need.

 2 Minute Summary

As already mentioned, WinkBeds mattresses are hybrid.

These mattresses have a tencel layout. Tencel, also known as Lyocell, is a fiber material made from tree pulps extracted from specialized farms. This eco-friendly material gives resistance to wrinkles, is very absorbent, holds really well in warm weather, and is strong when wet or dry and softer than silk.

It’s also made from polyfoam, Gel polyfoam, foam-encased pocketed micro coils, pocketed coils and polyfoam encasement.

Polyfoam (polyurethane foam) is a bouncy, synthetically made material used in mattresses.

Gel polyfoam is very similar to polyfoam, with added plastics and some other chemicals.

Pocket coils are springs that are separately wrapped in the sleeve, making it possible for them not to be bent by pressure altogether, so the movement is reduced to a minimum.

Features Test



As mentioned above, this mattress have firmness variety. The foam-based surface of this mattress allows you to sleep in any position while being pressure relieved and comfortable. You can select the firmness of mattress you are most comfortable with, the best part being that it’s a really easy thing to do and you’re not likely to fail in finding the ideal firmness level.

Sleepers find the lifespan of the WinkBeds and WinkBeds PLUS very satisfying. The lifespan of both of these models is above average lifespan of most mattresses of hybrid and innerspring category.


Motion Isolation

Because of the foam layers, WinkBed has brought motion isolation to a new extent, especially if you compare it to some other inner springs. You probably won’t even be able to feel the other person movement, and even if you do, it shouldn’t disrupt your sleep.


Edge Support

The WinkBed mattress is one of the greatest performers in this category, so if you want strong edge support, this mattress might be perfect for you.

Edge support for this mattress is very good thanks to its hybrid technology. Owners of this mattress are really happy with it, stating that sinkage is minimal, even with plus-sized sleepers. With the edge support of this mattress, you can comfortably sit without thinking the mattress will sink.


Sex Quality

Owners stated that sex quality of the WinkBed mattress is very pleasing. Even though sex quality on WinkBed PLUS is on lower side, which is still good, but not as good as on WinkBed.

First of all, sex quality is as good as it is because of firmness options that allow couples to choose sleep surface that they find the best. It’s also responsive, which can mean a lot during sex. Besides that, the added bounciness will add a great feeling during sex.



Even though you won’t be hearing much noise, the WinkBed mattress is not completely silent. While WinkBed PLUS performs a bit worse in this category, it still isn’t as loud as most other innerspring mattresses are, which isn’t bad it’s just not that impressive.


Off Gassing

The WinkBed mattress excels in this category.

Data analysis of this category shows that the off-gassing system of the WinkBed is excellent. As an owner, you shouldn’t feel any odor at all.

It’s possible that you might feel some odors with WinkBed PLUS, but they tend to disappear after a few days, so there weren’t many complaints from buyers.


Temperature Maintenance

The WinkBeds mattress is similar to other innerspring models, which is good because they don’t trap heat, which keeps temperature to a satisfactory level.

The WinkBed PLUS is a little warmer than other innerspring models. However, most owners say neutrality of temperature is not a problem.




Both of these models are very comfortable, but some buyers complained about firmer options comfort being not as good as softer options.

That being said, if you like to sleep on a firmer surface, you might not be completely satisfied, even though it’s not very likely.


Sleeping Positions


This category is reviewed by people who sleep on the side, stomach, and back.

It’s proven that owners are really satisfied with WinkBeds mattresses in this category. There weren’t any unpleasant experiences with any sleep position. So there are just very good and less good reviews that we have come across.

Overall, people were more satisfied with WinkBed PLUS, which proved to be especially good for people who sleep on the side, even though both models did really well in all sleep positions.


Weight Support


As far as weight is concerned, the WinkBed mattresses performs really well in this category with both of its models. Light, average and heavyweight owners were happy with the performance of WinkBeds mattresses, so you can be sure it won’t deform if you put much weight on it because of its strong edge support.

Both models tend to have great performance for all body types, giving you all the comfort you need.

You won’t be disappointed in the weight support category of WinkBeds mattresses.


Where Should I Get It


WinkBed mattresses are easily attainable. You can buy mattresses on WinkBeds website or Amazon. It will be delivered to your home address for free within two weeks. You will get a 120-nights trial and 100% money back guarantee if you want to return the WinkBed mattress for whatever reason.

When purchasing, you can choose the size that fits your bed frame, and you can choose firmness that you need. The cheapest option is the twin sized mattress, while the most expensive one is king-sized mattress. The prices vary from $1,049.00 to $1.799.00.

Ideally, purchasing this mattress online can get you much better deals than you would find at a brick and mortar dealership.

Even without a cheaper option, spending a few bucks for a good mattress is something that is worth it for everyone who really cares for a good night sleep.

WinkBeds Mattress Review Summary

What We Love About

  • WinkBeds provides firmness variety, so the probability of a sleeper not finding the option best suited for them is very low. With those options, you get the feeling like you are sleeping on a different mattress every time change is made.
  • The technology used for making WinkBed mattresses allows you to relieve any back pain you might have, giving you high-quality sleep, keeping your muscles relaxed.
  • The temperature of this mattress is ideal because it keeps your body cool during warm weather. Due to its heating properties, it will also keep you warm during the winter months, making it an excellent buy if your sleep is sensitive to the heat. Even if not, you’re sure to find this feature enjoyable.
  • Its isolation of movement is also very good, so you are not going to have any more problems if you share mattress with someone who moves a lot while sleeping. If perhaps you are someone who moves a lot, your partner is going to have a good night sleep on this mattress.
  • WinkBeds responsiveness for sex is quite good. The sex part comes in its perfect blend of bounciness and comfort. While inner spring-based mattress can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable, and simple, memory foam mattress lack bounciness, hybrid mattress take cares of both.
  • Considering this mattresses quality, it also has a reasonable price. Shipping is free, and for a small fee, they will, instead of just setting up your new mattress, drag away your old one also.
  • Also, if you find this mattress isn’t good enough, you can get 100% refund.

What made us sad

  • You must have a 30-night break within 120 nights free trial, which is not something awful, but still it is a con (Atleast for us).


All things considered, the Winkbeds mattress is an excellent choice for those people who like hybrid mattresses. The hybrid properties of the mattress give it an edge over most of its competition, and it’s an extremely versatile choice. If you need a mattress that will fill your needs even if you’re unsure about your preferences, then the Winkbeds mattress is for you! Make sure to get it online though, as otherwise, you’d be missing out on many attractive deals!

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