NordicTrack Freestride Trainer FS7i Review


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NordicTrack makes some of the highest-reviewed training equipment on the market.

Their products are some of the favorite fitness machines for athletes everywhere, and they offer something for everyone, from lightweight to commercial machines, treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and more.

The NordicTrack Freestride Trainer FS7i is middle option of Freestrider Series featuring three trainers.

It’s a step up from the FS5i, and offers a bunch of improved features, to provide athletes with a more efficient and effective workout.

This Freestrider Trainer is 3 exercise machines in one. By varying your workout, this freestrider can be a stepper, an elliptical, and a treadmill.


NordicTrack has packed it full of awesome features, and it comes with a 7” interactive touchscreen, as well as a 1-year subscription to NordicTrack iFit.

The user’s comfort is at the forefront of NordicTrack’s minds, and they’ve provided comfort features such as an AutoBreeze workout fan, SoftTouch grips, and cushioned pedals.

This comes with the standard but solid NordicTrack warranties and a 1-year subscription which includes a 10-year frame warranty.

In this NordicTrack Freestrider Review, we will get you up-to-date with its standout key features.

Plus we’ll outline its specifications, and detail some of its pros and cons, wrapping it up with a few popular FAQs, as well as our recommendation and purchasing option when it comes to the NordicTrack Freestride Trainer FS7i.

So Let’s get started –

Key Features

7” Interactive Coaching Touchscreen

On the 7” interactive touchscreen, mounted into this freestrider’s console, you can access live interactive training workouts which are led by world-class personal trainers.

There’s a huge variety of workouts to access, and it’s a great way to vary up the muscle groups you focus on, as well as training different aspects of your fitness, like strength, endurance, cardio and more.

Nordictrack FS7i Touchscreen

You can also access Google Maps on the 7” screen. Work out in the Alps or the Amazon or the Himalayas by accessing Google Maps terrain.

This is a great way to break up the monotony and make you work out longer and harder.

Access real-time performance stats through the screen.

They’ll help you keep motivated and engaged, so you can tailor your workouts to your own training program, and get the most out of your Freestride Trainer.


The greatest feature of the NordicTrack Freestride Trainer FS7i is the fact that, simply by switching your position, you can turn this freestrider into three different machines, a stepper, an elliptical, and a traditional treadmill.

The simplicity of the design is one of NordicTrack’s key selling points and puts it ahead of its competitors.

There are no buttons to push, levers to pull, or need to lift or move the machine in any way. All you have to do is lean, and the machine moves itself to fit your workout style.

Being able to use a stepper, an elliptical, and a treadmill is a great way to engage more muscle groups, as well as vary your workouts, and will definitely have you progressing towards your goals.

The 3-in-1 capability is easily one of our favorite features if the FS7i.

1-year NordicTrack iFit membership

The FS7i Freestride Trainer comes with a one-year subscription to the iFit Coach technology.

The live workouts, led by world-class trainers, offer some of the best ways to get fit, including over 16,000 on-demand workouts, live interactive training, new daily workouts, and performance data so you can track, and optimize your time on the FS7i.

Auto-Adjustable Stride

FS7i Auto-Adjustable Stride

The FS7i has an auto-adjusting stride. By simply adjusting your stride, the Freestride Trainer follows your movements, adapting the stride to your desired length. The auto-adjustable stride has a good range of between 0” and 32”.

Live Resistance and Incline Control

Using the iFit Coach technology, you can join live as well as built in workouts where elite trainers take control of your machine, adjusting the resistance and incline on the go, so all you have to focus on is running.

Nordictrack FS7i Live Resistance and Incline Control

It’s a great way to vary your workouts and push yourself to new limits.

Comfortable Workout

The FS7i is a really comfortable machine to workout on.

NordicTrack always keep their users in mind and their comfort features are some of the best in the business.

This has an AutoBreeze workout fan to keep you cool while you run, SoftTouch grips for your hands, and oversized cushion pedals so your feet feel comfortable, too.


The NordicTrack FS7i Freestride Trainer comes with a pivoting tablet holder built into the console, so you can stream your favorite shows while you workout.

There’s also an auxiliary music port for streaming your favorite running tunes, and dual 2” digitally amplified speakers to blast your music and push even harder.

20 lb Effective Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel

Coupled with the 24 digital resistance levels, the 20 lb flywheel can take you through all kinds of levels of resistance, from walk in the park to sprint up a mountain.

Add to that the power-adjustable 0 – 10% incline, and you can make yourself one heck of a workou

Key Specifications

7” Smart HD touchscreen
1-year NordicTrack iFit membership
Pivoting integrated tablet holder
Auxiliary music port
Dual 2” digitally-amplified speakers
Center drive
20 lbs effective inertia-enhanced flywheel
SMR silent magnetic resistance
24 digital resistance levels
Power adjustable 0-10% incline
OneTouch controls
Commercial steel frame
iFit Bluetooth smart chest strap included
Oversized levelers
375 lbs user capacity
AutoBreeze workout fan
SoftTouch upper body grips
Oversized cushion pedals
35 on-board workouts
Transport wheels
Water bottle holder
58.5” L x 29.5” W x 74” H dimensions

Nordictrack Freestride Trainer FS7i Warranty

Most exercise machines come with different limited warranties for different parts of the machine.

NordicTrack break theirs into three separate warranties.

While the parts and labor warranties are pretty standard, the 10-year warranty on the frame is a great feature that beats many of NordicTrack’s competitors.

Warranties are as follows:

  • Frame: 10 years
  • Parts: 2 years
  • Labor: 1 year

NordicTrack Freestride Trainer FS7i Review Summary

What We Love About

  • Low-impact workout
  • 3 machines in one
  • 7” Smart HD touchscreen
  • Power adjustable 0 – 10% incline
  • Center drive
  • Oversized cushion pedals
  • 35 on-board training programs
  • Includes 1-year iFit membership
  • 375 lb max. user weight capacity
  • Includes iFit Bluetooth chest strap
  • AutoBreeze fan
  • Auxiliary music port
  • Dual 2” speakers
  • 10-year frame warranty

What made us sad

  • iFit membership runs out after 1 year
  • Large footprint that comes with any elliptical trainer
  • Relatively small screen compared to other models


NordicTrack’s FS7i is a solid midrange elliptical with some of the best features of any elliptical trainer out there.

The 3-in-1 capabilities, offering stepper, elliptical and treadmill make the FS7i versatile and it allows you to switch up your workouts, getting more out of it than a traditional elliptical.

The iFit subscription thrown in by NordicTrack is a nice feature, allowing you to make the most out of the coaching technology. Follow along while professional trainers take control of your machine, run all over the world using Google Maps, and analyze your workout data to optimize your workouts.

After our deeper review of the freestrider FS7i, we would definitely recommend it as a best buy for anyone looking for a mid-range elliptical trainer from a solid company and stocked full of awesome features.

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How good is the NordicTrack FS7i?

The FS7i often gets good reviews by customers and on websites. The fact that it offers the benefits of three machines in one, plus the fact that all three offer low-impact workouts for a range of workout styles and intensities.

How much does the NordicTrack Freestride Trainer FS7i weigh?

The shipping weight of the NordicTrack Freestride Trainer FS7i is 320 lbs.

Where to buy the NordicTrack Freestride Trainer FS7i?

The NordicTrack Fs7i is available on Amazon and NordicTrack website along with other exercise equipment stores online and in-store.

How to use the NordicTrack Freestride Trainer FS7i?

One of the great features of the NordicTrack Freestride Trainer is the fact that you can use it as three different machines. All you have to do is change your stride and the FS7i becomes a stepper, a treadmill, or an elliptical trainer.


To exercise on the elliptical, grab a hold of the handlebars and step onto the lower pedal of the two. Step your other foot onto the other pedal. Push the pedals either forward or backward and they will begin moving in a continuous motion.

How to move the NordicTrack Freestride FS7i?

Because of the size of the FS7i, you will need two or three people to move it. Stand in front of the FS7i and lift it using the handle until it can roll on the rear-mounted wheels. Gently lower it to the floor once you’ve moved it to the desired location.

How much space do I need for a NordicTrack Freestride FS7i?

With a 58.5″ L x 29.5″ W x 74″ H footprint, you will need a decent amount of room around the FS7i. Remember, the pedals move forward and back on ellipticals, so you will need more room in front of and behind the elliptical as well.

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