Sole F63 Vs F65 Vs F80 Vs F85

Sole F80, F63, F65 & F85 Review & Comparison

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Since its small beginnings as the provider of treadmills in select hotels in the US, Sole Fitness has gained a solid reputation among consumers and peers alike. They are mostly known for developing and producing affordable but durable treadmills, such as the Sole F80—one of its most popular models to date.

Despite gaining worldwide recognition, the company remains true to its objective of achieving total customer satisfaction.

To attain this, Sole Fitness implements the following strategies:

(1) continual improvement of exercise equipment and accessories; and

(2) client-centric approach on product feedback, and after-sales service.

How Are You Supposed to Choose the Right Sole F Series Model For You?

Sole Fitness updates its treadmill model lineup every year. Because of this, it can be tough to keep up with the changes in each model’s features and capabilities.

Unfortunately for consumers, most product reviews repeatedly highlight the same generalized pros and cons of the Sole F Series, which are:


  • Uses commercial-grade parts while retaining prices expected from residential-grade machines
  • Space-saving, but sturdy design
  • Specialized deck technology that reduces the impact on the joints by 40% compared to standard running conditions


  • Limited exercise programs
  • Handrail design leaves customers wanting for security and stability while using these treadmills

Remember, treadmills are considered by many as major personal investments. Your decision on this will also determine the overall effectiveness of your fitness regime.

For these reasons, you have to make an informed decision based on careful research and an understanding of your fitness requirements.

This is easier said than done, however. There are so many articles and blog posts tagged as the best treadmills review.

Fortunately, we’ve done the research for you.

The next section covers the F63 treadmill review, F65 treadmill review, F80 treadmill review, and F85 treadmill review. This is then followed by a comparative analysis of the F series versus the industry standards.

Whether you are a newbie or an enthusiast, you can purchase the right treadmill for you by assessing your current fitness needs as you read through this buying guide.


How Does Each Model from the Sole F Series Differ from One Another?

Four out of the six treadmill models being offered by Sole Fitness belong to the F series. As such, there is likely going to be one that will fit your fitness requirements and budget.

To guide you in making the right choice, here is a rundown of the features, specification, and a list of pros and cons of each F series model:

Sole F63

Sole F63

If you want a compact treadmill that will not break the bank then you should consider getting the F63 model.

Despite its affordability, this model is designed with the same level of quality expected from a Sole Fitness machine. The all-steel, welded frame serves as an assurance of its durability.

In terms of built, it comes with the “Easy Assist” technology and the “Safety Lock Deck” design—both unique to Sole Fitness machines only.

What We Love About

  • Highly recommended for beginners : This can be a good entry-level option for beginners given its straightforward controls, and relatively lower price point.
  • Easy to set up and store away : Due to its smaller frame and lighter equipment weight, you are likely going to find it easy to fold, store, or move around.
  • Personalized exercise sessions : The recent update includes an integrated tablet holder and Bluetooth speakers. These new features can create a more immersive experience for the user.

What made us sad

  • Slow Acceleration : With only a 3.0 HP motor, expect the acceleration of F63 to be slower than the more powerful models in this series.

Check Consumer Reviews

Sole F65

Sole F65

F65 is the recommended model for those seeking for a balance between the cost and capacity of a treadmill.

The build of this equipment can handle up to light to moderate usage. Some of its features are marginally better than the basic F63 model, as indicated in the specs table.

What We Love About

  • More Accommodating : Its relatively wider running area and higher weight limit will be appreciated by those who are bigger in size.
  • Portability : Since its dimensions are not much bigger than the F63, it is still easy to maneuver even if you are doing it alone.
  • Better Running Experience : The slightly more powerful motor of this model removes the acceleration issue observed among F63 units.

What made us sad

  • Limited Power, Inclinations, and Workout Programs : Serious runners might find the features and capacity of this treadmill as lacking.

Check Consumer Reviews

Sole F80

Sole F80

Even though it is designed mainly for residential use, the Sole F80 treadmill packs some features that are on par with some commercial treadmills.

As such, it has been consistently recognized as one of the treadmills with the best value for money.

Check out the details of its design and capacity to better appreciate it.

🏆This is one of our recommendations for best treadmill.

What We Love About

  • User-friendly controls : Though its specifications are geared towards more experienced users, the controls and functions of this machine are easy to grasp and master.
  • Large LCD display : Through the use of the 9-inch LCD monitor, the user will be able to better read the fitness data displayed on the screen.
  • Longer warranty periods : Sole Fitness applies a five-year warranty period for the parts of F80 model, and a two-year warranty for labor.

What made us sad

  • Side rails should be longer : Since this is designed for more rigorous workouts, users need to have the support of longer side rails.

Check Consumer Reviews

Sole F85

Sole F85

With its powerful motor and sturdy design, fitness enthusiasts might consider getting this model for their home gyms.

In fact, it can be a serious contender for some of the commercial models available in the market today.

Go through the specs comparison table to see what makes this the top model among the F series.

What We Love About

  • Ideal machine for strength-building exercises : The 15 levels of inclination coupled with a 4.0 HP motor creates the ideal condition for users to improve their running capacity.
  • Silent but powerful : Even if you go hard at your treadmill exercises, the sound created by your legs and feet will be muffled by the unique “Cushion Flex Whisper Deck” design of Sole Fitness machines
  • Clear and vibrant display : Only the F85 model in the F series features a TFT LCD display. Due to the sharper and brighter display, users will be able to better appreciate the tracking features of this machine.

What made us sad

  • Harder to fold and unfold : Given its bigger and heavier build, some users might find it hard to move around or store away.

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Have the F Series Treadmills Exceeded Our Expectations?

Based on our detailed comparative analysis above, here is our objective ratings for these treadmills against their competitors and against one another:

Features/ Parameters F63 F65 F80 F85
Motor Good Good Good Best
Incline Good Good Good Good
Speed Good Good Good Good
Dimensions Good Good Good Best
Running Area Good Best Best Best
Weight Limit Fair Good Good Best
Workout Programs Good Good Good Good
LCD Console Fair Good Good Best
Foldability Best Best Best Best
Warranty Fair Fair Best Best
Safety Best Best Best Best
Tracking Best Best Best Best
Overall Score Good Good Best Best
Our Pick     Value Best

Looking at the results of this table, it is safe to say that each model in the Sole F series have exceeded our expectations.

Each one may be considered as the best in their respective price ranges.

However, when examined side-by-side, it is clear to see which model in the F series stands out.

Find out how you can purchase your selected F series treadmill in the next chapter.

Our Pick & Best Deal?

Having read our best treadmills review on the Sole F series, you are now equipped with all the information you need to select the right model for you.

If you want to purchase the best treadmill that your money can buy, then purchase the top-of-the-line F85 model.

However, if you want to ensure that you will be getting the best value for your limited budget then the Sole F80 model is a solid investment for either newbies or serious runners.

At this moment, the regular prices of all F series treadmills are reduced by almost 45%.

Furthermore, Sole Fitness offers free shipping for all of its exercise equipment. Take note, however, that this only applies to orders made within the Continental US only.

If you are not happy with your purchase, you may return it or have it replaced at any time within the 30-day trial period. Not only Sole Fitness offers a money-back guarantee, the company is also willing to shoulder the return fees that you might incur.

You might be tempted to buy from other retailers and online shops. However, to avail significant discounts in your purchase, we highly suggest for you to get your F series treadmill straight from the Amazon.

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